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Russia: Protesters against rigged elections detained and beaten


The Russian website Grani.ru reports that some of those arrested in Moscow on Sunday during a protest against rigged elections were beaten, kicked and generally treated with violence by the police.  The website says that people were arrested on the instructions of a police colonel who told his subordinates who to target.

People report being arrested for chanting “Down with fictitious elections!” and “Your elections are a farce”.

Grani.ru writes that at the end of August a campaign began under the banner “Fictitious elections outlawed”. All protests ended with the protesters being detained. On 22 November 25 protesters taking part in a demonstration on a central square entitled “Elections without the opposition are a crime” were detained. They had unfurled a banner and were handing out leaflets calling on people to come out on Sunday in protest.

The official news agency RIA Novosti said that around 100 protesters were arrested in Moscow, and around 70 in St. Petersburg.  Interfax said that the police had warned protesters earlier in the day not to hold "unsanctioned rallies" in Moscow.

Reuters reported that the election watchdog Golos and two liberal media outlets had complained of being subjected to cyber attacks so as to prevent them reporting infringements in the elections to the State Duma.

In fact, judging by our attempts to access Russian websites, by Sunday evening the number of those affected, including hro.org, may have been greater. 

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