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Peaceful protesters outside the Cabinet of Ministers get another police visitation


Photo AP

The police have for the second time drawn up protocols on administrative offences against the former Chernobyl clean-up workers on hunger strike near the Cabinet of Ministers’ building in Kyiv. The protesters told journalists that late Monday night police officers drew up another protocol, referring to the relevant court order banning mass protest actions outside the Cabinet of Ministers, but taking no other measures.

The protesters said also that during the night one of the men had become ill. The ambulance brigade provided the necessary assistance without the man requiring hospitalization.

They also informed that several former Chernobyl clean-up workers from the Luhansk region were planning to join them. There are now over 20 protesters on hunger strike.

There are presently two ambulances on duty in the Park. There are also a coach full of police officers, a special police car and a documenting unit.

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