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Brutal treatment of protesters in Komi


While the police did not interfere at all in the huge demonstration in Moscow, and only intermittently in St Petersburg, the human rights website HRO.org and www.grani.ru  report that in Syktyvkar, the Komi Republic [part of the Russian Federation]  the police both during and after the demonstration detained several dozen people, including three journalists and members of the Komi Memorial Human Rights Commission.

Ernest Mezak, a member of Memorial and a well-known blogger received a head injury in unexplained circumstances and was taken by ambulance from the police station to hospital.

Human rights activists have received information that people were detained on the street virtually in the opposite end of the city and accused of taking part in an unauthorized demonstration.

Attempts were also made to send Pavel Safronov, another blogger from the city on military service that very day despite a serious illness.

Human rights activists had as of 20.00 Moscow time not been allowed to see those arrested.

Photo from Grani.ru

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