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Media Union suspects TV 1 + 1 of censorship


The Independent Media Trade Union believes that the decision by TV 1 – 1’s management to remove Oleh Deineka from his role as presenter of the Money programme is in breach of the law and raises suspicions of censorship.  The Union notes that this took place after the President’s press conference on 21 December at which Oleh Deineka asked a hard-hitting question about the activities of Vasyl Yadukha, Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration. Several investigations carried out by the Money programme have concentrated on allegedly shady aspects of these activities.

The Union says that the motive cited, according to the editorial office, is that Mr Deineka’s actions “arouse doubts as to his lack of bias, and it has therefore been decided pending completion of an official inquiry to temporarily remove him from running the Money programme.

The Union points out that this is not one of the grounds in the Labour Code for dismissing a person and suspicions do not constitute a proven fact, . It therefore calls on the management to allow Mr Deineka to continue presenting the programme and suggests that failure to do this will arouse suspicions that censorship is involved

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