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Police valiantly fight … paint daubed on Yanukovych billboards


The police have reported initiating four criminal investigations over «hooliganism” into the daubing with pain of billboards showing President Yanukovych. The billboards have been damaged thus far in Kyiv, Lviv, Zaporizhya and the Rivne region.  The Ministry is also carrying out a check in 5 other cases. All have involved various colours being splashed over the billboards.

According to the MIA Press Service, “the decision to initiate criminal investigations was taken by the investigators based on the fact that the actions by unidentified persons were intended to be public; they involved flagrant infringements of public order, coupled with extraordinary cynicism, demonstrative disregard for generally accepted norms of morality and rules of behaviour in public places, damage to property, as well as undermining the President’s authority.”

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