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TV Journalist fired one month after hard-hitting feature


 Oleh Deineka, Presenter of the programme “Money” has been dismissed from TV “1 + 1” supposedly for “systematic failure to carry out the duties of his contract”.

A month ago Mr Deineka was issued with a reprimand and the initial decision to remove him from the Money programme appeared to have been waived.

As reported at the President’s press conference on 21 December Oleh Deineka asked a hard-hitting question about the activities of Vasyl Yadukha, Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration.  Following the announcement that he was being removed from his post, the Independent Media Trade Union issued a statement saying that this was in breach of the law and raised suspicions of censorship. They noted that several investigations carried out by the Money programme had concentrated on allegedly shady aspects of the activities linked with his question to the President.

Oleh Deineka is planning to hold a press conference to give his position on the dismissal.

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