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Another police interrogation of a journalist over Yanukovych billboards


While the police deny putting any pressure on journalists who reported damage to billboards with President Yanukovych expressing New Year and Christmas greetings, another journalist has reported such police attention.

Ihor Stolyarov from the Internet publication “Vzglyad iz Odessy” [“View from Odessa”] was phoned several days ago by Irina Dolmatova from the regional police press service. In the presence of an officer from the criminal investigation department she began asking him what exactly he had reported to the publication about the paint-daubed billboards, which photographer had gone to take pictures and could they meet with the person.

He replied that readers of the publication had reported seeing the billboards on the way to work, and he didn’t remember who specifically. The officer kept insisting on meeting the investigator.

Ihor Stolyarov says that he distrusts the police and has personally witnessed how they beat up innocent people with impunity, and that he has nothing to add to what he said by telephone.  Yet a summons has arrived at the place he is registered, where his elderly parents living, demanding that he appear on Monday 13 February to see investigator Serhiy Lysy. The summons states that if he doesn’t come , he will be brought there by force. 

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