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Odessa journalist first ignored, then threatened if he doesn’t turn up tomorrow


The questioning of Ihor Stolyarov from the Internet publication “Vzglyad iz Odessy” [“View from Odessa”] scheduled for Monday morning did not take place after the person on duty refused to let him into the building as the investigator, Serhiy Lysy, was not answering his phone.

As reported, Ihor Stolyarov says that he was phoned several days ago by Irina Dolmatova from the regional police press service. With an officer from the criminal investigation department present, she began asking him what exactly he had reported to the publication about the paint-daubed billboards, which photographer had gone to take pictures and could they meet with the person.

On Monday evening Mr Stolyarov reported that he had received a phone call from the same investigator, Captain Lysy who threatened to have him brought in for questioning by force if he does not appear on 14 February.

In response to the journalist’s question why his publication had been targeted when many others also reported the billboards, the investigator said that they would summons all the others too.

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