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Constitutional Court allows MPs to not inform this year’s voters about income


The Constitutional Court has passed yet another judgement reducing the scope of anti-corruption legislation.  On 20 March it published its judgement dated 13 March which allows National Deputies to not make public their expenses for the second half of 2011. The Court declared unconstitutional the provision of the Law on the Principles for Preventing and Countering Corruption which stated that public officials and deputies must declare their income and expenditure from the day that the law came into force on 1 July 2011. The judgment says that they must declare income etc only from 1 January 2012.  

The Court also found unconstitutional a ban on participation by public officials and deputies in the general meetings of profit-making companies, etc.

As reported, 53 National Deputies [MPs] from the Party of the Regions made the submission to the Constitutional Court which has, not unexpectedly following recent moves, concurred with the MPs on both points.

The representative of the Court stressed at the press conference that the decision on declarations “only” meant that such declarations would not be provided this year.  Members of the opposition and many journalists believe that the move is aimed at preventing voters being provided with important information at the parliamentary elections in October. 

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