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TV Crimea – News removed because of Yanukovych?


Shevket Ganiev, journalist from the Crimean State-owned TV Channel “Krym” asserts that a repeat of the programme “Khaberler”, news in the Crimean Tatar language, was removed from air on 7 June because it didn’t give coverage to the President.

He says that the Acting General Director of the channel Valery Humenyuk had said that it was being off the air because it didn’t make any mention of President Yanukovych.

Shevket Ganiev asserts that two days earlier, Mr Humenyuk threatened journalists on the Crimean Tatar programme that he would “take measures” if there was no information about the President of Ukraine on the programme. He says that when they asked Humenyuk whether there was an instruction or order setting down such obligations, the Acting General Director said that he didn’t plan to discuss it.

The programme is repeated at 13.00 the next day, while the actual report is at 18.15.

President of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars Refat Chubarov is concerned about the situation and told Valery Humenyuk that before expressing any wishes to the Crimean Tatar Editorial Board as to coverage, they should increase the amount of broadcasting time they have, at least 10 minutes for each issue.  Ganiev says that in the main news report on 7 June there was a brief item about Yanukovych’s address to the people in connection with the start of Euro 2012.

The State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting has said that it does not interfere in editorial decisions regarding content.

Valery Humenyuk denies the accusations and says the repeat was not broadcast “for technical reasons”.

An example of coverage of the President on the TV channel can be found here: http://tv.crimea.com/?p=7603

President Yanukovych is greeting journalists on 6 June, Journalist Day. 

As reported here, for the second year in a row journalists from Stop Censorship were prevented by a court ban from holding a peaceful gathering outside the entrance to the grounds of President Yanukovych’s residence Mezhyhirya.  They wanted to remind him of his promise made two years ago to show journalists his residence about the ownership of which there has been a lot of gossip, scandal and very serious allegations of corruption.

Information about TV Crimea from Telekritika

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