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Cherkasy Regional Administration begins hyping up President’s “social initiatives”


  The Committee of Voters of Ukraine reports that on 12 July 2012 both the city and district administrations in the Cherkasy region posted a document on their websites about the “introduction of the President of Ukraine’s social initiatives in the Cherkasy Oblast”.

The document is made up of 45 pages full of diagrams and graphs focusing on key points, with statistical data about the socio-economic development of the Cherkasy oblast in the first half of 2012 through the prism of the implementation of the President’s social initiatives.

The document is not subjected to any analysis and its content, CVU writes, arouses distrust, while some formulations are startling, raising doubts about the professional standard of those who undertook the work.

CVU asks whether the authors seriously believe that regardless of a person’s disability, they need an artificial limb or wheelchair. 

2012, they say, seems to exist in two forms – in itself and thanks to the President’s social initiatives.


As reported, on 13 March 2012 the State Broadcasting Committee sent a letter to regional TRC telling them as a matter of urgency to broadcast special programmes from 15 March explaining President Yanukovych’s “social initiatives”.

All regional State TRC and the “Crimea” State TRC were also sent a letter asking them to give coverage to meetings between Yanukovych and the President of Turkmenistan; Yanukovych and the Speaker of Parliament and leaders of factions; the meeting between Prime Minister Azarov and members of foreign companies working in Ukraine; and other such items.

The Head of the State Broadcasting Committee Oleksandr Kurdinovych stated that the  Committee was fully within the law, only exercising its role in public procurement and directing State TV and radio companies in their coverage of the activities of higher bodies of power. He said that such letters have existed as long as the State Committee has been functioning.  He also cited various laws and a resolution, as well as Ukraine’s Constitution to supposedly justify his assertion that all was within the law.

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