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CVU Map of Electoral Infringements in the Kherson Region


Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] long-term observers have systematized monitoring of election violations and drawn up a map plotting out problem areas during the election campaign in single-mandate electoral districts of the Kherson region [oblast].

At 185 observers found seven different types of infringements and conflict involving indirect bribing, campaigning by public servants and pressure on potential candidates.

The second large number of infringements was found in two rural electoral districts: No. 186, the Tsyurupynsk electoral district and No. 184 – the Nova Kakhovska electoral district.  The infringements were numerous and of a similar nature.

The “quietest” districts were in the regional centre.

Maxim Yelihulashvili, Head of the Youth Centre for Regional Development, a partner of the Kherson CVU in the election monitoring, says that the differences are due to the fact that all the main opposition forces are based in the regional centre, as well as the most powerful newspapers and influential civic organizations, making the likelihood that infringements will be seen and protested over greater. 

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