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Luhansk region: Voters regaled with goodies and campaigning leaflet


The election watchdog OPORA notes that since 18 July pensioners of the Leninsky District in Luhansk have been receiving food parcels (to mark the festival of St. Volodymyr) from potential parliamentary candidate from single-mandate electoral district No. 109 Volodymyr Medyanik.

The parcel contains biscuits, preserves, bread and the likely candidate’s pre-election newspaper

This is the second time Medyanik has handed out goodies. On 13 June he marked his birthday with the same food parcels for pensioners.

OPORA points out that distribution of food parcels constitutes bribery of voters which is a violation infringing people’s electoral rights.

People guilty of violating electoral legislation may face criminal, administrative or other liability established by law. OPORA notes however that criminal liability is envisaged only for bribing voters after the official start of the electoral process, in the present case from 30 July (90 days before the elections.)

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