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Donetsk Party of the Regions candidates may use children for campaigning


The Mayor of Donetsk Oleksandr Lukyanenko has announced that Party of the Regions MPs will be financing the gifts for first year school students Day of Knowledge which the City Council gives out each year.

At his weekly briefing for journalists Lukyanenko said that the gifts were almost ready. “Interest in partial financing of them this year has been expressed by MPs Yukhim Zvyahilsky; Tetyana Bakhteeva and Valentin Landik”.

The Donetsk branch of the Party of the Regions has recommended that those three MPs all be put forward as parliamentary candidates in single-mandate electoral districts.

Yukhim Zvyahilsky No. 45

Tetyana Bakhteeva No. 42

Valentin Landik       No. 43

“Civic monitors have serious questions regarding the ethical side of such an initiative. There are legally speaking no infringements since indirect bribery of voters can only concern those who have the right to vote. There is a large risk that the First Bell ceremony (which begins the school year on 1 September – translator) will turn into a political event when voters will, via their own children, be dragged into campaigning activities of specific candidates”. -  Civic Observers Coordinator (from CVU, as part of the OPORA national campaign)

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