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Donetsk Region: Digital TV “thanks to the Party of the Regions”


  The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] reports that on 24 July the municipal newspaper “Evening Makeyevka” published an article entitled: “”Cyfra” knocks at the door thanks to the Party of the Regions”.  The article reports members of a Party of the Regions branch providing two elderly people with tuners for digital television. 

One of the two recipients is quoted as follows:

“A big thank you to our government and the Party of the Regions which shows concern for us. , , , ”

The TV channel UNION also showed the “story” about the local Party of the Regions benefactors, stating that in the near future five other pensioners would receive the tuners.

There is a state programme for providing such tuners. CVU got in touch with the local Party of the Regions branch which explained that to get the tuners people should approach the State Department of Labour and Social Protection. After getting the tuners from the Department,   people can ring the Party of the Regions asking for free help in connecting them.

CVU acting within the framework of the national OPORA campaign demands that the authorities publicly state that it is unacceptable to use State-owned programmes for political purposes. The authorities and Party of the Regions should also explain that the tuners presented by members of a political party were in fact purposed from public funding.

From the report at http://www.cvu.org.ua/?lang=ukr&mid=fp&id=3506&lim_beg=0

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