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Odessa City Council declares Russian a „regional language”


At a special session on 13 August, the first working day since the contentious language law signed by President Yanukovych came into force, the Odessa City Council voted to give Russian regional language status in Odessa. 73 deputies out of the 111 present (and 120 in total) deputies voted for the move.

According to deputy Oleksy Kosmin, the last census showed that more than 10% of the population of Odessa consider Russian to be their native language. The new law allows a language to be declared regional if more than 10% of the population consider it to be native.

Mayor Kostysyev stated that for 89 percent of people from Odessa it is more comfortable to speak and read Russian. He asserted that there was no doubt that the majority of people in the city support this move.

From now on Russian can be used in all official documents, in schools and universities, in advertising, etc.

From the report here http://un.ua/ukr/article/405402.html

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