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Chernivtsi school – overt political campaigning for Party of the Regions candidate


OPORA reports that on 26 September in the village of Konovka, Chernivtsi oblast, they found a Party of the Regions flag on the local school as well as Party of the Regions campaigining material in support of Artem Semenyuk, candidate for the No. 204 single-mandate electoral district.  The School Head said that this had been at the initiative of a “social worker”.  OPORA’s Coordinator for the region Nazar Tymoshchuk writes that the conversation with the Head also clarified the specific nature of the work of this “social worker” and the assistance to the educational sphere of the district being given by candidate Semenyuk.

The OPORA observer who arrived at the school on 26 September found a flag of the Party of the Regions in the place for the Ukrainian national flag, and a campaigining leaflet for the Party of the Regions candidate on the door to the school. The School Head explained that this had been with her knowledge and assisted by the “social worker” officially using part of the school premises for work with vulnerable groups in society as well as to store campaigning material for the Party of the Regions.

She also said that the candidate, Semenyuk, had “given” the school a printer and photocopier.  He had apparently also “helped” other schools in the area.

OPORA notes the relevant articles of electoral legislation breached.

Contact addresses: Nazar Tymoshchuk 

Hryhory Sorochan 

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