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Libel law rescinded


MPs on Tuesday voted in favour of a resolution rescinding the libel law tabled by Party of the Regions MP Vitaly Zhuravsky which would have reintroduced criminal liability for libel / defamation.

The resolution was supported by 174 MPs from the Party of the Regions; 56 from BYUT; 45 from Nasha Ukraina – Narodna Samooborona; 23 from the Communists; 20 from Speaker Lytvyn’s Narodna Party as well as 31 from one other party and also MPs officially not affiliated (who normally vote, however, with the ruling majority).

Only one MP voted against the resolution - Party of the Regions MP Vasyl Kiselyov.

The bill passed in its first reading on 18 September was supported by the ruling Party of the Regions in full, together with the other MPs of the ruling majority.  It aroused outrage and concentrated opposition from within Ukraine and calls to reject the move from European structures, international NGOs and others.

Photo from Ukrainska Pravda

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