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Scandalous Pervomaisk protocols on their travels


 Following the storm by Berkut riot police of the election commission premises in Pervomaisk, removal of protocols and disappearance of the head of the commission, the Central Election Commission confirmed receipt of protocols from that election district.  It would seem that protocols were brought to the CEC by the head of the commission who has still not emerged, and who according to Ukrainska Pravda may have had a heart attack.

Later on in the afternoon, the Mykolaiv Internet publication http://nikvesti.com/news/politics/36440 reported that the CEC had not accepted the protocols which apparently give victory to the Party of the Regions candidate Vitaly Travyanko, and had decided to send them back.  Then later again, the head of the opposition candidate’s election team, Ihor Pylypchuk stated that protocols from precinct election commissions in election district No. 132 had been brought to the Pervomaisk District Election Commission [PEC].  Pylypchuk said that Berkut officers with shields had gone into the DEC where several members of the commission were present.

Pylypchuk added that the opposition will demand that these documents we compared with the opposition’s copies of the original protocols.  If there are discrepancies, they will demand a recount.

Around 100 people were gathered outside the building, there from various cities to show support for the opposition candidate Arkady Kornatsky. 

As reported earlier, after 100% of the votes had been counted and the CEC site had informed that Batkivshchyna (United Opposition) candidate Arkady Kornatsky had won, this changed, and the Deputy Governor and member of the Party of the Regions, Vitaly Travyanko was announced the winner. Representatives of the opposition candidate assert that they have evidence that the change occurred because votes of other candidates were counted as being for Travyanko. 

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