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Political persecution in modern Ukraine
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Lutsenko loses civil suit against prison administration


  The Chernihiv Regional District Administrative Court has rejected the appeal lodged by lawyers representing jailed former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko.  The appeal was over infringements of the requirements regarding visits and confidentiality.

According to Lutsenko’s lawyer Oleksy Bahanets, the court issued its ruling on 30 October, but did not read out the motivation part of the ruling.  He said that they would be appealing against the ruling.

The press service of Narodna Samooborona (Lutsenko’s party) says that this will help Lutsenko win the next application to the European Court of Human Rights.

In September the administration of the Mensk Corrective Colony  banned Mr Lutsneko from passing letters to the outside world.  Lutsenko also protested that his correspondence was being checked. 

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