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President once again declares millions in royalties


In their income declarations for 2012, President Yanukovych and his wife have declared 15 million UAH in royalties and a new car.

Yanukovych has declared almost 775 thousand UAH in income; 4 million 62 thousand in interest on a bank deposit from financial institutions.

The biggest amount, however, as in the previous year, is supposed to be 15 and a half million UAH in royalties according to an agreement signed in 2011.

He also declared 17, 688 hectares of land owned in the Kyiv oblast with property on it and some other property.

7 million 432 thousand UAH was given in help to children needing emergency medical care.

Just over a year ago the President’s income declaration, and specifically the item about 16.4 million UAH ($2 million) declared in 2011 raised eyebrows and hit the headlines both in Ukraine and abroad. 

On 24 April the President’s Administration informed Ukrainska Pravda that it did not have the agreement according to which President Yanukovych had apparently sold rights to his books for 16.4 million UAH.  The money was supposedly from the Donetsk publisher Novy Svit, and not just for three books already published, but for any that he may write at a future date.

The President’s Administration answered a formal information request from Ukrainska Pravda, asserting that it could not be the holder of the information requested. It only confirmed that the above-mentioned money had been paid to the President by Novy Svit.

The payment was “for the copyright passed to this publisher on the books from 2005-2010 "A Year in Opposition, "; “In politics there are no final victories or defeats”; "A Year in Office, " and "How Ukraine Should Live Further, " as well as for literary works written in the future by Viktor Yanukovych”.

When asked about the amount which not even the most popular authors have heard of, President Yanukovych promised to give it to charity. 

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