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Donetsk lawyer goes to court over “travelling Verkhovna Rada” decisions


Speaker Rybak has already signed the "laws" supposedly adopted on 4 April

Roman Doludaryov, head of the Donetsk Lusador Law Firm has lodged a suit against the Verkhovna Rada at the High Administrative Court.  

He is asking the Court to declare unlawful the actions on 4 April when some members of the ruling majority held what they assert was a parliamentary session on Bankova St  He is also demanding that any normative legal acts passed on that day be recognized as invalid.

The normative legal acts in question included a draft law on amendments to the 2013 State Budget.  The law “adopted” appoints the Ministry of Income and Excise as being in charge of 5 billion 888 million UAH.

“The meeting at Bankova St was a priori illegitimate, and what happened could be the first sign that in the near future decisions on distributing public funding amounting to billions of UAH will be taken in the offices of a political party”, Mr Doludaryov says.

More details about the very dubious circumstances behind this “parliamentary session” and other laws with direct relevance to curbing OR stimulating corruption can be found here.

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