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Balance on TVi dips dramatically in May


Only 20% of the political news on TVi in May was presented from several points of view, as opposed to 44% in April.  This can be seen from the monitoring of television news carried out by the Ukrainian Press Academy and the Academy of Sciences Institute of Sociology.

The monitoring found that despite changes in top management, the State-owned UTV-1 remained the least balanced TV channel. 

The only nice surprise was that Inter has continued to give balanced news even after the change in owner. 

Valery Ivanov from the Ukrainian Press Academy noted at the presentation of their results that the opposite had been true for TVi, with such a drop in level of balance being unprecedented.

The monitoring was carried out of eight main television channels from 13 to 18 May.

It found a significant fall in balance of views.  The percentage of political news presented from two points of view came to 17%, this being the lowest since the beginning of the year.

Political news from several points of view was most often presented on Inter (36%) and STB (28%). 

On UTV-1 the percentage was a pitiful 2%.

This result was seen less than a month after the dramatic change in owner or seizure of TVi depending whose description is believed on 23 April.

More information in Divide and Rule indefinitely and the links below. 

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