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Parliament sets date for long-overdue election re-runs


On Thursday a large majority of MPs finally scheduled re-elections in 5 single mandate election districts where the results of October’s parliamentary elections could not be established.  The constituencies in question are No. 94 (Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast); No. 132; No. 194 (Pervomajsk, Mykolaiv oblast); ; No. 194 and No.197 (Cherkasy oblast); and No. 223 (Kyiv).

Andriy Mahera, Deputy Head of the Central Election Commission told Interfax Ukraine that at present the CEC does not have the money for the re-run.  He explains that the problem arose because the government was forced to re-channel money to pay its debt before the Citronix company for the video surveillance cameras installed.  It took money, he says, from the item of the budget on administering the electoral process.  This money was intended for the functioning of the CEC, pay for its staff etc.   He does not expect it to be a problem but a law must be passed in order to pay for the elections.

Details about the specific constituencies and why re-elections were needed can be found her http://khpg.org/en/index.php?id=1366835009

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