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The right to a fair trial

Bankova Prisoner: Gennady Cherevko


41-year-old Gennady Cherevko is from Lubny (Poltava oblast).  His wife, Natalya is an English teacher, and they have two children - a 13-year-old daughter, and a son who is almost three.  His brother-in-law, Andriy Molochny told Ukrainska Pravda that Cherevko had driven to Kyiv to visit friends and went to the demonstration to see it.   He ended up one of the people badly beaten by the Berkut riot police, and on Dec 3 was remanded in custody for 2 months under the article of the Criminal Code on organizing riots.

During the confrontation on Bankova Cherevko was standing quite close to the Berkut riot officers and filming what was happening on his mobile. When the police attacked, he began running together with the others, but film and wasn’t able to get up – police truncheons came down on him from all sides.  He tried to cover his head, then they hit his arms.  

He was then lifted up and moved into the courtyard of the president’s administration.  His lawyer says that along the way Berkut officers hit out at him. While lying with others, he kept gaining and losing consciousness, and being beaten again. 

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