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CVU: Election results already distorted


  Photo: CVU

In its preliminary report on the parliamentary re-runs held on Dec 15 in the 5 so-called problem electoral districts, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] writes that the conditions in which they took place did not meet democratic election standards.

“CVU believes that although the Central Election Commission has the legal grounds for declaring the election results, in certain districts (in the first instance, No. 194 and No. 223), these results have already been distorted by vote-buying during the election campaign or on election day”

CVU names the following as the main problems:


monitoring of the voting;

ballot papers being taken outside the polling station area;

strangers present directly at the polling stations or near them;

obstruction of observers.

CVU points to the generally unfavourable atmosphere during these elections in all 5 directs due to the large number of unidentified individuals near the polling stations and district election commission [DEC] buildings, and the blocking by police of the headquarters of Mykola Bulatetsky in District No. 194.

It expresses concern over the unwarrantedly drawn-out vote count by the DEC for No. 94 and No. 223.

As well as calling on the DEC to determine the results in those districts, it also calls on the Central Election Commission to examine all complaints and the law enforcement bodies to examine all documented cases of vote-buying.

CVU stresses that the majoritarian component of the elections is the main reason for the abuses and political corruption and calls for the electoral system to be changed. 

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