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Russian NGO has list of 400 killed or wounded Russian soldiers


It looks extremely likely that at least some of the considerable number of men from the Caucuses long known to be fighting on the side of the Kremlin-backed militants in eastern Ukraine are or died as soldiers of the Russian Army.

The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers in the Stavropol area has drawn up a list of around four hundred Russian soldiers killed or injured.  The head of the Committee Ludmila Bogatenkova told TV Dozhd that the list was put together from various sources in the armed forces which, for obvious reasons, she cannot reveal..

The names are from several mechanical infantry brigades: No. 19 from Vladikavkaz and North Ossetia; No. 17 from the city of Shali in Chechnya; No. 8 from Shatoy (Chechnya).

Bogatenkova says that there are also soldiers from other Russian army units.  The list is also constantly being added to. 

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