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A new way to fight crime


New ways to fight crime are invented in the town of Gorlovka of Donetsk region. During ten months of 1998 prosecutors cancelled 43 illegal rulings of the agencies of the Ministry of Interior with refusals to start criminal cases. More than in half of the cases grave crimes were committed, which would require difficult investigations if the cases started. Militia found a much more reasonable way: they just refused to open the case. They reasoned wisely: if there is no case, then the level of disclosing crime is higher. Now these cases are reopened together with additional cases against 35 militia officers.

100 militia officers and other executives are prosecuted for corruption in Donetsk region. Among them there are deputies of various levels, officials from executive committees and state tax administration, members of revision office, financial inspection and the like. The most popular crimes are taking bribes (55%) and misuse of power (41%).

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