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Stalin Terror echoes in monstrous sentences for totally fictitious ‘Network’ in Putin’s Russia

Although there is nothing unusual in today’s Russia about political trials on fabricated charges, nor about the use of torture, this case stands out as young left-wing activists received up to 18 years for involvement in a ‘terrorist’ organization that never existed | детальніше

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Ukrainian court ban on book about Stus trial gave Medvedchuk more than he asked for

Controversial Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk cannot erase his shameful role, as a Soviet state-appointed lawyer, in the political trial of the great Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus, but he is trying to silence those who write about the part he played | детальніше

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Persecution of Crimean Tatars and huge sentences as career moves for Russian FSB

The latest trial without a crime that Russia brought to occupied Crimea is ending, with the prosecutor demanding an 18-year sentence against Crimean Tatar civic activist Rustem Emiruseinov, 16 and 15 years against Eskender Abdulganiev and Arsen Abkhairov | детальніше

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Ukraine’s government steals money allocated for Kremlin hostages

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has quietly ‘reallocated’ funding set aside for supporting the ever-mounting number of Kremlin hostages and their families, in a move that they probably hoped would pass unnoticed | детальніше

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Russia puts Crimean Tatar on trial for refusing to give false testimony about a political prisoner

The trial is shortly to begin in Russian-occupied Sevastopol of Ruslan Bekirov, a young Crimean Tatar who had the courage in court to retract false testimony which the Russian FSB had earlier extracted by force | детальніше

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Belarusian Police Detain More Than 90 As Protests Enter 11th Week

Belarusian police detained more than 90 people during the latest rally to demand that authoritarian ruler Alyaksandr Lukashenka step down as a political standoff enters its 11th week | детальніше

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Punitive psychiatry used against blind political prisoner in Russian-occupied Crimea

There are grounds for fearing that the FSB are planning to get Alexander Sizikov incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital as his physical disabilities are too severe for even a Russian court to sentence him to ordinary imprisonment | детальніше

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Russia accuses Netherlands of hostile actions in seeking justice for MH17 victims

Russia has announced that it is exiting ’trilateral consultations’ with Australia and the Netherlands over MH17, claiming that the Netherlands is acting in a hostile manner by taking Russia to the European Court of Human Rights over its role in the downing of the passenger airliner | детальніше

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New Russian draft bill envisages criminal liability for telling inconvenient truth about the USSR in WWII

Since one Russian has already faced prosecution for reposting a text rightly stating that the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939, this new law seems set to stifle discussion about the Second World War | детальніше

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17-year-old prevented from leaving Russian-occupied Crimea to study in mainland Ukraine

A young man from occupied Sevastopol was caught by Ukrainian border guards in the Sumy oblast on 12 October in circumstances that prove both his determination to study in mainland Ukraine and the obstructions that Russia is illegally imposing. | детальніше

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Russia, Uzbekistan Among Rights Abusers Elected To UN Human Rights Council October 14, 2020 00:07 GMT

Russia and China were among 15 countries elected to the UN Human Rights Council on October 13, drawing sharp criticism from rights groups and the United States over their abysmal human rights records. | детальніше

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Belarus threatens to use lethal force against protesters as pensioners march for freedom

The timing of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s latest attempt to crush protests against his illegitimate rule in Belarus could not have been more appropriate | детальніше

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Zelensky’s dangerous judicial reform bill puts Ukraine on collision course with IMF and EU

The Council of Europe’s authoritative Venice Commission gave a pretty damning assessment of major elements in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s judicial reform bill last week, although many Ukrainians might be forgiven for thinking the opposite was true. | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar civic journalist Marlen Asanov gets 19-year sentence because he refused to leave occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar civic journalist and political prisoner, Marlen Asanov was told by a Russian FSB investigator that it was his own fault that he was imprisoned. They had given him warnings to leave Crimea, and he hadn’t listened | детальніше

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The Endless waiting that Russia has inflicted on families of Ukrainian soldiers missing or imprisoned in Donbas

Yadviha Lozynska has been waiting for her only son, Andriy, to return home since August 2014 when he disappeared while in action near Ilovaisk. | детальніше

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Putin’s Russian passport aggression against Ukraine fizzles in occupied Donbas

According to a study carried out by the Donetsk Information Institute, the number of Ukrainians in occupied Donbas who have taken Russian citizenship is far lower than predicted by Moscow and its puppet ’republics’ | детальніше

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Russian occupiers fake statistics about deaths from Covid-19 in Crimea

The Crimean Human Rights Group [CHRG] has learned from different sources that the Russian occupation authorities are forcing medical staff and morgues to lie about the real number of deaths from Covid-19 in occupied Crimea . | детальніше

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ECHR issues crucial judgement against Russia over secret witnesses used to jail Crimean Tatar political prisoners

The European Court of Human Rights has found that Russia violated the right to a fair trial of three men because of the unwarranted use of ‘secret witnesses’ to convict them | детальніше

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Over 10 thousand Ukrainians demand that Zelensky dissolves corruption-tainted Kyiv court

The President is the only person able to table a draft bill to dissolve a court which has lost any credibility following judicial corruption scandals and an endless stream of highly dubious rulings | детальніше

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Memet Belyalov: 18-year sentence for discussing religion in Russian-occupied Crimea

If Russia is allowed to have its way, Memet Belyalov’s son, Ali will have come of age before his father, a Crimean Solidarity civic activist and recognized political prisoner, is released from Russian imprisonment | детальніше

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