More needed than 8-man ‘task force’ against lethal Russian state propaganda

The West has done next to nothing to counter Russia’s state-controlled propaganda machine with its vicious warmongering and lies. Zhanna Nemtsova’s call for sanctions against those whose incitement to hatred and violence led to her father’s murder outside the Kremlin were heard, reported - and ignored. | детальніше

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Ukraine shoots itself in the foot with unexplained sanctions

Ukraine’s fiasco over its seemingly arbitrary sanctions on journalists is especially frustrating as it has effectively blurred legitimate objections to the role of media workers, mostly from Russia, whose coverage of events in Donbas, for example, has nothing to do with journalism. | детальніше

Переглядів 3336

Ukrainian lawyer stripped of licence for expressing critical views

Andriy Vyshnevsky, Director of the Justice Ministry’s Legal Aid Coordination Centre has been stripped of his licence to practise as an attorney following critical comments about Ukraine’s National Bar Association. There is particular irony in the fact that his criticism was given - and not well received - during a conference on judicial reform. | детальніше

Переглядів 2424

Georgy Gongadze remembered; questions still unanswered

Remembrance gatherings on Sept 16, the 15th anniversary of Georgy Gongadze’s murder were held in Kyiv and other cities, with the current government coming under fire not only for the ongoing failure to punish Gongadze’s killers, but for the huge number of other attacks that go unpunished. | детальніше

Переглядів 1988

Russia banned from owning Ukrainian media in vital move to media transparency

Ukraine has taken an urgently needed step towards ensuring that the public know who is behind the news they receive. With media transparency increasingly understood as having impact on national security, it is no accident that the law now passed prohibits residents of an aggressor state from owning corporate rights in Ukrainian broadcasting companies. | детальніше

Переглядів 2748

Another Crimean blogger interrogated by FSB over Facebook post

Sevastopol blogger Iryna Gorelikova has reported being hauled in for questioning after she shared a link on Facebook about Mustafa Dzhemiliev, the veteran Crimean Tatar leader and Ukrainian MP whom Russia has banned from his homeland. | детальніше

Переглядів 2940

Ukraine’s ban on ‘anti-Ukrainian’ books is a gift for Russian propaganda

In a move of benefit chiefly for Russian propaganda, Ukraine’s Fiscal Service has barred 38 Russian books – by Russian fascist ideologue Alexander Dugin, Edward Limonov, Sergei Glazyev and others - from being imported into Ukraine | детальніше

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Ukrainian swimmer flees persecution in Crimea: “It’s worse than Soviet times!”

Sevastopol marathon swimmer Oleg Sofyanik has decided to stay in mainland Ukraine after being summoned for questioning about another Ukrainian, Yury Ilchenko who is in detention, seemingly for an article opposing Russia’s occupation of Crimea. | детальніше

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Convicted of ’hate speech’ for criticizing Russian annexation of Crimea

Mustafa Yagyaev, the imam of a village mosque in Crimea, has received a 2 year suspended sentence and been prohibited from “any activity involving the circulation of information” after three colleagues claimed that he had made comments about Crimea returning to Ukraine, Russians, etc | детальніше

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Crimea’s journalists in exile as Russia muzzles free press

"Journalists and journalism are under attack in Crimea now. This has to stop. When critical journalists are silenced to the last one it will mark the end of independent journalism in the region, and my fellow Crimeans will be left face-to-face with lawlessness and Russian propaganda. The world must not let this happen." | детальніше

Переглядів 1934

17-year-old Crimean charged with ‘extremism’ for social network entries

Yet another anonymous Crimean is facing criminal charges on unclear charges in Russian-occupied Crimea, this time a teenager | детальніше

Переглядів 3158

Unjustified Takedown of Facebook Accounts Critical of Russia Threatens Free Expression

Amid an ever-growing trend of Russian internet censorship, PEN American Center and PEN Ukraine are gravely concerned by reports that Facebook has removed content and deactivated or suspended accounts of Ukrainian and Russian users critical of the Putin regime. | детальніше

Переглядів 3048

Vital Crimean Tatar Channel ATR renews broadcasting from Kyiv

Two and a half months after ATR. the unique Crimean Tatar TV channel, and most Crimean Tatar media were silenced in Russian-occupied Crimea, ATR and children’s channel Lale have begun broadcasting from Kyiv. The response from the occupation authorities has been predictably hostile | детальніше

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Militants detain, beat and ’deport’ independent Russian journalist

Pavel Kanygin had a gun put to his head and was beaten a day after he reported the first serious protest against the militants’ shelling in Donetsk, and the same day that he and 8 others were reported to have challenged Putin’s decree classifying information about military losses in Ukraine | детальніше

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Protest over bill that could silence investigations into military corruption

A new bill proposing criminal liability for something fuzzily referred to as “information support for terrorism” has been roundly condemned by the Stop Censorship movement and Ukraine’s most prominent media organizations | детальніше

Переглядів 2020

Special Zombie Status? Kremlin-backed ’republics’ block all independent media

Kremlin-backed militants in Donbas have taken another step to prevent Ukrainians in militant-controlled areas from learning about Russian military involvement in the war in Donbas, criminal dealings by rival militant gangs, etc. The blanket censorship coincides with their demand for ‘special status’ as integral parts of Ukraine | детальніше

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Ukraine dissolves notorious ‘Public Morality Commission’

The Cabinet of Ministers has at long last issued a decision envisaging the dissolution within 5 months of Ukraine’s anachronistic commission on ‘protecting public morality’. It is a welcome move but one that should have gone further since the dangerously vague law which the Commission was created to police remains intact. | детальніше

Переглядів 3093

Ukraine’s Old and New Enemies of the Press

There are old names in the newly published list of this year’s Enemies of the Press, as well as poignantly appropriate new categories to cover the grave threats to press freedom in Russian-occupied Crimea and in the so-called ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’. | детальніше

Переглядів 2679

United in Homophobic Bigotry: Right Sector echoes Russian anti-LGBT line

On the eve of a planned Equality March through Kyiv, the leader and other members of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist Right Sector party have come out with anti-LGBT and anti-western statements identical to those regularly churned out by their ideological opponents in Russia | детальніше

Переглядів 5296

President signs dangerously flawed ‘decommunization’ laws

President Poroshenko has signed highly contentious laws one of which effectively criminalizes public expression of views held by many Ukrainians. The assurance given that a bill will be tabled to rectify some of the problems appears to refer to only one of the laws and begs the question of why faulty laws should be signed into law before being corrected | детальніше

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