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Ukraine’s Miners: Put at Risk and Exploited

While the coal output from Ukraine’s mines brings millions to its owners, the miners and their families find it hard to make ends meet. This is in part due to gross exploitation and violation of labour laws, making the miners’ wages dependent on being in the management’s good books | detail

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Another methane explosion at a Luhansk region mine

Twenty six miners have been injured in yet another methane explosion, this time at the Krasnokutska Mine. According to the Emergencies Ministry, 5 men are in intensive care while 21 received injuries of moderate severity and are in hospital | detail

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No End to the Deaths in Ukraine’s Mining Disasters

Why do all State commissions look only at the fact directly leading to the death of miners, but never analyze the reasons behind these terrible and inevitable tragedies, the fact that miners cannot live on their wages unless they agree to conditions and a pace placing their very lives in jeopardy? | detail

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Union blames Mine Owners for Fatal Blast

The Head of the Confederation of Free Mining Unions, Mykola Koziuberda believes that the blast at the Sukhodilska-Eastern Mine which claimed the lives of at least 20 miners is the result of the owner’s “greed” and the intense pace with which the coal faces are being worked | detail

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Inconsistent reform on benefits and pressure on the court

According to the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the government is not only trying to restrict social payments as much as they can, but is directly pressuring the courts. | detail

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UHHRU asks Human Rights Ombudsperson to intercede for pensioners and others

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union expresses concern over a new law transferring the authority to determine the size and procedure for receiving social benefits to the Cabinet of Ministers and asks Nina Karpachova to make a submission to the Constitutional Court | detail

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New Anti-corruption Law comes into force

Analysts are most doubtful about how the new legislation will be implemented. A special body should oversee its implementation, yet this is only to be created next year. For the moment its functions will be carried out by the Ministry of Justice and the Security Service | detail

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NGOs present President with proposals to improve Public Procurement amendments

"It is clear that the President cannot sign a law which he himself acknowledges carries the risk of corruption. For this reason we have passed Viktor Yanukovych the proposals from civic experts on reworking the tender draft Law No. 7532 | detail

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The Ministry of Justice and fighting corruption

Viktor Yanukovych has instructed the Ministry of Justice to fulfil the functions of a specially authorized body on fighting corruption until such a body is created. The opposition points out that the Ministry is not a law enforcement body | detail

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International bodies also call on President to veto Public Procurement Bill

According to Kommersant-Ukraine, the European Commission and World Bank have formally set out their objections to Law No. 7532 On Amendments to Legislation on Public Procurement | detail

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Constitutional Court: home of debtor can be entered by force

In a judgement made public on 2 June, the Constitutional Court [CCU] says bailiffs may get a court order to enter the home of a debtor in order to execute a writ. | detail

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Yanukovych may veto scandalous law on public procurement

While they had urged Ukraine to pass a law on public procurement, the law adopted is so obviously aimed at fuelling, rather than preventing corruption, that it is believed that the European Commission and World Bank are pushing for its veto | detail

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90 civic organizations call on President not to sell out for a jar of black caviar

A protest was held on 27 May in Kyiv under the banner “President, don’t’ sell out!” as part of efforts to persuade Viktor Yanukovych to veto a draft law on public procurement which could foster corruption in this field on a whole new scale | detail

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Social Protection of War Veterans: Victory Day Farce and Everyday Profanation

Another scathing report from the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine concerns the ever-decreasing number of Veterans of the War who need more than just a token offering each year on Victory Day | detail

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Yanukovych called on to send back the draft Law on Public Procurement

An open appeal signed by a large number of NGOs and individuals calls on the President to return for reworking draft Law No. 7532 which increases the likelihood of greater corruption by, for example, significantly extending the scope for public procurement with only one bidder | detail

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120 billion UAH for Ukraine’s leaders to ride about in Mercedes etc

The newspaper Segodnya [Today] decided to test how the new Public Information Law which came into effect on 9 May 2011 worked in practice, and on a subject dear to the hearts of those in power and close to the pockets of the Ukrainian taxpayer | detail

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Kyiv Protesters put Demands to the Government

Participants in the Spring Protest March on Thursday passed a resolution with demands regarding the simplified system of taxation, a ban on monitoring checks of small businesses, as well as an end to persecution of Tax Code protesters, real efforts against corruption etc | detail

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Small business owners once again protest in Kyiv

Over 200 organizations and trade unions supported Thursday’s protest action “Vpered!” [“Forward] outside parliament. Small and medium business owners say that the actions of the authorities are depriving them of their work and that they have no option but to protest | detail

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New law on Public procurement means information about most tenders will be concealed

A week after the Law on Access to Public Information came into force, amendments to the law on public procurement will considerably reduce the amount of information available in the vital area of public procurement and tenders | detail

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Parliament rewrites public procurement rules

According to the amendments passed by the ruling majority, there will now be no need to receive the agreement of the body authorized to deal with public procurement, while the bodies authorized to oversee procurement will have no right to interfere | detail

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