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Transparency International: Ukraine Needs a Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Endemic Corruption

"In general, the fight against corruption in Ukraine is often reduced to sound bites. ..There is a general feeling that the actions of the government are more an imitation of action, rather than a true desire to implement fundamental reform" | detail

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More and more Ukrainians working on the black

Illegal employment is becoming more widespread in Ukraine. Employers don’t want to make the payments required from official pay, while Ukrainians are looking for work whatever the conditions | detail

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Corruption in Ukraine: From Chaotic to Systemic

Despite declarations by those in power of their commitment to fighting corruption, bribe-taking is changing form, but not its essence. Analysts believe that this is making it more dangerous for the country | detail

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Lviv courts inundated by Chernobyl victims’ civil suits

Victims of the Chernobyl Disaster have become much more active at standing up for their rights in court. However they have to wait years for enforcement of the court rulings | detail

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Yet another sticking point in fighting corruption

Deputies cannot decide what level of expenditure by officials needs to be declared. The relevant committee is seeking to have the present figure from the President’s anti-corruption law lowered from 50 thousand UAH | detail

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Chernobyl Disaster: another anniversary, the same old problems

As the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster approaches, Maxim Shcherbatyuk from UHHRU writes that the Ukrainian government has for many years failed to implement the legislative provisions aimed at helping those who suffered most directly | detail

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Corruption in Ukrainian higher education

33% of the students asked in a study published by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation had direct experience of corruption while 29% had heard about it from others | detail

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Huge number of Ukrainians live on less than 150 Euros a month

Around 14-15 million Ukrainians (with a population of 46 million) live under the poverty line. Of these 11.5 million are pensioners | detail

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Tax Code protest will continue but through different means

Some of the Tax Code protesters want to force the authorities to reduce pressure on small-business owners by pushing through their own version of reforms. Others do not believe in dialogue with those in power and are calling for re-elections. | detail

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National Deputy of Ukraine: cost effective?

Ukraine’s Parliament is implementing some of the most stringent social and economic reforms in the country’s history, yet at the same time sees fit to increase the annual maintenance allowance for each Deputy to 700 thousand UAH – at Ukrainian citizens’ expense. | detail

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Inaccessible “accessible” housing

An Accounting Chamber report says that the State Programme for Providing Young People with Housing for 2002-2012 can be considered moribund through the fault of the government | detail

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Refined torment of miners

The management of the Duvannaya Mine has ntroduced new disciplinary penalties for workers: an orange jacket with the words “I am an offender” plus compulsory work will now supposedly "teach" negligent workers and others | detail

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Verkhovna Rada passes President’s anti-corruption law

On Thursday 277 National Deputies voted for draft Law No. 7487. This was, according to the Liga.net correspondent, despite the fact that there only just over 100 Deputies, including members of the opposition in parliament during the vote | detail

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Public servants will begin declaring income and expenditure no earlier than 2012

Adoption of the President’s anti-corruption draft law, scheduled for Thursday, has again been deferred | detail

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New body proposed for fighting corruption

The draft law’s author, H. Moskal, says that the Presidential draft law norm on financial control at present being reworked in parliament is “toothless”, failing to specify what needs to be declared, and how, who oversees whether the information is correct, as well as liability if it is not | detail

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On (not) fighting corruption: The President and Ministers don’t have to declare income

Public officials – from the President to heads of district administrations – have received a unique opportunity to not publish information about their income | detail

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Traffic Police use parking regulations against peaceful protesters

The traffic police are drawing up protocols against 10 participants in the Tax Code protest car rally for infringement of parking regulations on European Square in Kyiv. | detail

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Protest Car Rally not allowed into Dnipropetrovsk

The Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administrative Court has banned a car rally by small business owners from passing through Dnipropetrovsk as part of a nationwide protest against the Tax Code | detail

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Hungry Kharkiv protesters may face criminal charges for blocking a road

The Head of the Kharkiv Department of the Ministry of the Interior has stated that criminal proceedings may be initiated against workers of the State-owned Shevchenko Instrument-making Factory who on Monday blocked a road for three hours in protest at serious wages arrears | detail

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Transparency International calls for law on public procurement to be reworked

The draft Law on Public Procurement No. 7532, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in its first reading on 15 March is not capable of countering corruption, Transparency International warns | detail

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