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Corruption in Law

Amid the otherwise unfathomable game with cancelling anti-corruption legislation in favour of apparently analogous laws one result is entirely clear: public officials have received at least one more year concealing their outgoings | detail

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Ukrainians uninterrupted descent into poverty

The gap between those that have and those that have not is possibly the widest in Europe and is equal to many of the more questionable dictatorships in central Africa | detail

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Verkhovna Rada again fails to muster up an anti-corruption law

The Verkhovna Rada has passed in its second reading the draft law “On the fundamental principles for countering corruption in Ukraine”, no. 7487, but has excluded a number of articles sent back for a repeat second reading. | detail

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Concern over tighter law on enforcing court rulings

While human rights activists do not dispute the failings of the previous version, they are concerned by the unwarranted restrictions now introduced to debtors’ constitutional rights. | detail

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Programme ends, poverty remains

The results of an Accounting Chamber audit show that the objectives of the programme for overcoming povery have not been fulfilled with the indicators given by the Comprehensive Programme for the level of poverty not once achieved | detail

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Parliament fights corruption in its second reading

The issue of who is considered a close relative has thus far caused most dissent among parliamentarians considering the President’s draft bill which caused fundamental anti-corruption legislation finally due to come force on 1 January to be revoked | detail

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Imprisoned Tax Code protester declares hunger strike

Ihor Garkavenko , one of the people charged over the Tax Code Protest in Kyiv has gone on hunger strike in the SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] where he has been held since late December | detail

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Parliament refuses to abolish special pensions

None of the parties in the ruling majority supported a bill which would have removed special privileges for, among others, former National Deputies | detail

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Lawyer: the criminal proceedings against Tax Code protesters are political persecution

Oleh Levytsky, the lawyer defending Ihor Garkavenko calls the criminal case against his client political persecution. He believes the brazen disregard for procedural and legal norms suggests the case has been ordered from above to discredit the peaceful protest against the Tax Code | detail

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EU freezes aid to Ukraine over public procurement

Through amendments passed on 11 January, the Verkhovna Rada included energy goods, as well as water supply and drainage services among goods and services which do not require tender procedure | detail

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Parliamentary Legal Department points out flaws in the new anti-corruption law

Yet nobody seems in any doubt that it will be passed, despite its obvious failure to meet GRECO standards, or even those reflected in the laws revoked in December | detail

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Don’t pay court compensation at our expense!

War veterans, people with disabilities and those who suffered from the Chernobyl Disaster have asked the government to recall a draft bill which guarantees payment of compensation awarded by courts against the State and proposes using money allocated in the Budget for ensuring social benefits to pay this compensation | detail

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New head of Anti-Corruption Committee sees no need for more laws

Valery Bevz, National Deputy from the Communist Party says that the Verkhovna Rada Committee’s focus will now be on strengthening parliamentary control over implementation of laws already adopted since, in his opinion, there are enough of them for fighting such criminal behaviour | detail

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Draft bill on Bureau on Anti-Corruption Investigations sent back for reworking

Continuing lack of progress on creating such a Bureau, envisaged in the anti-corruption legislation revoked in December and vital for Ukraine’s chances of an easing in visa requirements, as well as to comply with GRECO recommendations | detail

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Anti-corruption draft law needs refining

Representative of Transparency International in Ukraine, Oleksiy Khmara believes that the single-handed control by the President over the entire anti-corruption system proposed could enable the President to exert decisive influence on those in power from local to the highest leve | detail

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Draft Labour Code: small business and employees’ rights

The draft Labour Code proposes a number of new elements in regulating the work of employees in a small business with these being much less favourable than those for other employees. | detail

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Small business owners renew their protest

According to the head of the Assembly of Civic Organizations of Small and Medium Business, his organization is from Tuesday beginning an indefinite protest demanding review of the Tax Code and an end to persecution of Tax Code protesters | detail

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Anti-Corruption Default

Ukraine faces seriously negative consequences from GRECO following the scrapping of all anti-corruption legislation, the Government Ombudsperson and Bureau on Anti-Corruption Policy, with no indication of when any alternative measures will be passed | detail

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AI Urgent Action: Trade union activist still facing examination

Andrei Bondarenko has no record of mental illness and has undergone three voluntary psychiatric examinations to assess his mental health, the most recent of which was in October 2010 | detail

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The Tax Code as a means of destroying the press

Oleksy Pohoryelov, General Director of the Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers has published a highly critical assessment of the ramifications of the new Tax Code for the press | detail

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