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Police detain one of the organizers of the rally against the Tax Code

Police officers have detained one of the organizers of the mass protest outside the Verkhovna Rada. Serhiy Melnychenko says he is charged with infringing the rules for holding mass protest actions | detail

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Thousands protest in Ukraine over the proposed Tax Code

Several thousand Ukrainian market traders and other small business owners have surrounded parliament in a demonstration against a proposed tax code they say will damage their livelihood. | detail

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Translators appalled by draft Tax Code

Almost 80 freelance translators have signed a letter to Ukraine’s government. They fear that the new Tax Code will destroy their profession. Freelance journalists share their concerns | detail

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Ukraine must stop harassment of trade union activist

Amnesty International has urged the Ukraine authorities to stop the harassment of a trade union activist who remains in hiding after a court ordered him to undergo a forced psychiatric examination last week | detail

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Proposed Tax Code kills Freedom

The proposed changes flagrantly violate the right of millions to work. People engaged in enterprise will lose freedom of choice of type of work and conditions and will effectively not be able to freely choose their way of life | detail

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Transparency International scathing over government commissioned “audit of Tymoshenko’s government

According to Nicholaus Marshall from Transparency International, the “Washington audit” only discredits the fight against corruption in Ukraine, has serious flaws and in his view was not independent. | detail

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GRECO unimpressed by Ukraine’s efforts against corruption

President of GRECO (the Group of States against Corruption), Drago Kos says that his organization sees no improvement in Ukraine’s efforts to fight corruption and that Ukraine has not taken into account or implemented GRECO’s previous recommendations | detail

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ArcelorMittal fears over Ukraine

ArcelorMittal, the biggest foreign investor in Ukraine, is crying foul over a legal case brought by prosecutors which it fears could be an attempt to strip it of its investment. Analysts warn that the case could seriously damage Ukraine’s reputation | detail

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UHHRU: At the beginning of the XXI century Ukraine has become a feudal state

Volodymyr Yavorsky believes it not out of the question that under the pressure of western economic partners Ukrainian politicians closely linked with big business will be forced to reduce pressure on society. | detail

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Tax “Special Forces” for Ukrainians

The authorities claim that the creation of specially trained units of the tax police will make it possible to counter organized economic crime. The opposition sees it as a strengthening of repressive levers of influence on business | detail

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Kyiv court prohibits trade union protest against Ferrexpo

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has banned a peaceful protest action by the Ukrainian Trade Union “People’s Solidarity” against the actions of Ferrexpo plc which is planning to take pension privileges away from employees of the Ferrexpo Poltava Mining Iron Ore Expansion | detail

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Donetsk businesspeople complain of increased pressure

Local businesspeople and deputies complain that tax and controlling bodies in the Donetsk region are carrying out unwarranted checks of businesses. They are also concerned by the new draft Tax Code | detail

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How do you get rid of an inconvenient union head?

It’s a risky business being the head of a trade union these days. For example, if you irritate the management with your activities (defending employees from unlawful dismissals, etc) you can simply be accused of drunkenness in the workplace | detail

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New regime 25% more expensive than its predecessor

Despite initial plans by the new government to reduce spending on officialdom by 20%, this expenditure has, according to the weekly “Commentaries”, increased by 20%. | detail

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Lviv region fights illegal leasing of forests

People from the Lviv region have begun asserting their right to land more actively. In the regional administration the number of complaints of abuse relating to land use has increased substantially | detail

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The Land of Our Discontent

More detail of a case already reported involving flagrant robbery of a Ternopil region village community by public officials | detail

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President endorses hold on anti-corruption laws

President Yanukovych has signed into law deferment until 1 January 2011 of the entry into effect of anti-corruption laws which had been strongly supported by international organizations on fighting corruption | detail

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Land shenanigans in the Ternopil region

Chilling cases involving public officials fleecing a village community came to light during an outreach visit by the UHHRU Ternopil Advice Centre in the village of Mali Chornokintsi in the Ternopil oblast | detail

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Deputies fight anti-corruption

The Verkhovna Rada has postponed to 1 January 2011, instead of 1 April 2010, the entry into force of anti-corruption laws. The National Deputies came to the conclusion that the documents contain numerous “serious contradictions and uncoordinated points” | detail

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Ukraine loses up to 40 billion a year from corruption

Over the last year, despite the crisis, the size of bribes not only failed to decrease, but actually became 2-10 times higher | detail

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