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Verkhovna Rada overrides veto and extends moratorium on sale of agricultural land

The moratorium is supposed to protect those with agricultural land until such time as laws on a State land cadastre, on the land market and on land plot registration are passed. Whether it does so, is another matter | детальніше

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EU standards of democratic governing - the only way to desovietize public administration in Ukraine

Ukraine risks losing its hard-won political freedoms because of unreformed government institutions that are not designed to establish a new democratic social order. When freedom is equated with chaos, corruption and crime, voters tend to prefer “order without freedom.” | детальніше

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Vital Components of the State Land Register also put on hold

The Cabinet of Ministers has deferred by a year the coming into force of procedure for keeping Land Records and Records of State Registration of property rights to land plots and of the right to permanent use of a land plot or lease agreements | детальніше

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President signs into law deferment of anti-corruption laws

Thus, despite calls from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and other international bodies, the anti-corruption laws will now come into force no earlier than 1 April 2010 | детальніше

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Yushchenko vetoes extended moratorium on land sales

Whatever the motives or likelihood of success of this veto, it should be noted that human rights defenders and many agricultural specialists feel that the moratorium is leading to shady dealings and violations of those it purports to protect | детальніше

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Fight against corruption put on hold

Parliament has deferred the entry into effect of several anti-corruption laws for three months, promising to rework them. Their argument is that some of the norms could even be dangerous, however they have put not those norms on hold, but all three laws | детальніше

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Lviv region teachers retrieve their money via Strasbourg

Seven teachers from Drohobych have won their case in the European Court of Human Rights and will receive 600 EURO each from the government | детальніше

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Deputies unable to defer the fight against corruption

The new anti-corruption laws will come into force on 1 January 2010. The latest attempt by a group of Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to put this off has failed | детальніше

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Who has an interest in the moratorium on land sales?

The decision by the Verkhovna Rada to extend the moratorium on sales of land has aroused serious debate as to who such a moratorium suits: dealers who will earn extra profit via dodgy arrangements, foreign companies or, in fact, rural people themselves | детальніше

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PACE Co-Rapporteur on attempt to defer anti-corruption laws

Renate Wohlwend has given an unequivocal response to the draft law just tabled by O. Novikov which proposes to defer the entry into force of the anti-corruption package passed in June of this year | детальніше

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New anti-corruption law better than its predecessor

The basic package of documents on fighting corruption has already been adopted and should come into force from January 2010. These laws are longstanding commitments to European institutions | детальніше

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Ukrainian gastarbeiter: no chance of returning

Studies suggest that Ukrainian labour migrants even in conditions of crisis will remain where there is a more realistic chance of finding and retaining a job and “real money” | детальніше

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Number of people in Ukraine still falling, only bureaucrats on the rise

There is already talk of the demographic situation being a threat to national security, and some specialists consider that if the trend cannot be stopped, the country will be confronted with the need to call for immigrants | детальніше

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On illegal mines in the Donbass region and where the Police and other authorities are not looking

Everybody knows about the illegal mines in eastern Ukraine, but nobody does anything about it. The police have left people to the devices of thieves and bandits. | детальніше

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“Public necessity” could deprive any of us of our private property

The ambiguity of terminology and provisions in the 17 November law on expropriation provides wide scope for various legal manoeuvres.. It is unlikely that those who drew it up and the over 300 National Deputies who voted for it were unaware of this | детальніше

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Increase in social standards: myth or reality?

The Verkhovna Rada has passed, and the President signed, a Law “On establishing the subsistence minimum and the minimum wage” which envisages an increase from November 2009 of basic social standards. Yet nobody has even considered how this law should be implemented. | детальніше

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Ukraine violating the right to collective negotiations

The ILO National Coordinator in Ukraine has said that Ukraine is constantly breaching the ILO Convention on Freedom of Association and the right to organize collective negotiations which is guaranteed both employees and employers | детальніше

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Law on expropriation passed despite presidential veto

The law allows the authorities to buy up land sites and constructions on them which are owned by individuals or legal entities with the list of “public needs” entitling them to take this decision seeming worryingly long | детальніше

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Political chaos in Ukraine has exacerbated corruption

According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2009, the political crisis has led to a fall in Ukraine’s rating from 2.5 in 2008 to 2.2 in 2009. This is one of the worst readings for Ukraine over the decades that such figures have been published | детальніше

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No registration – no rights: the plight of Ukraine’s homeless

While the old system of mandatory “propiska”, or registration, was abolished as unconstitutional, it remains difficult without registration to gain access to many services such as medical care and education | детальніше

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