Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Political chaos in Ukraine has exacerbated corruption

According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2009, the political crisis has led to a fall in Ukraine’s rating from 2.5 in 2008 to 2.2 in 2009. This is one of the worst readings for Ukraine over the decades that such figures have been published | detail

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No registration – no rights: the plight of Ukraine’s homeless

While the old system of mandatory “propiska”, or registration, was abolished as unconstitutional, it remains difficult without registration to gain access to many services such as medical care and education | detail

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Swiftly forgotten

According to an Accounting Chamber audit, the measures taken by the authorities to eliminate the consequences of the devastating floods in Western Ukraine a year ago have been pitifully inadequate | detail

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Strike at the Yanovska Factory may be resumed

Hearings are continuing into a worrying inappropriate law suit brought by the closed joint stock company “Yanovskoye” against the organizers of a strike at the factory called because employees had been paid for less than three of the last six months. | detail

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Constitutional Court ruling on pensions while abroad

The Court has declared unconstitutional the non-payment of pensions to people living permanently abroad | detail

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Real standard of living is falling

Inflation has led to a real drop in basic State social guarantees and therefore to a fall in the standard of living. The real wages for January – June fell by 10.1 % which is the worst result for this period since 1999 | detail

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Why are miners dying?

In Makiyivka the funerals have taken place of eight miners from the Kirov Mine who died on 23 August from an explosion. The State Committee on Industrial Safety believes that the explosion was the result of infringements of safety norms | detail

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Ukrainian migrant workers disgusted with the authorities

Ukrainian workers in Portugal are in no hurry to give up their Ukrainian citizenship yet even thosewho have lost their jobs due to the financial crisis are not rushing to return home | detail

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Worrying twist in the conflict at the Yanovska Factory

The employers, the closed joint stock company “Yanovskoye”, have lodged a law suit against the organizers of the strike begun after employees had been paid for less than three of the last six months | detail

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Hopefully progress in the conflict at the Yanovska Factory

The City Council has held an emergency session supporting the workers and ordering the factory owner to pay all wage arrears. Fingers crossed, however at present the strike continues | detail

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Striking workers at the Yanovska refining plant not giving in

Lawyers from the local human rights organization, journalists, representatives of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and the All-Ukrainian Union of Workers are at the factory giving the strikers support | detail

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Forced labour and not paid, but do nothing or we’ll sack you

Women working at the Yanovska refining plant in the Luhansk region have been on strike now since Wednesday. As if the conditions that these women work in were not shocking enough, they have virtually not been paid for over three of the last six months | detail

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Ministry of Justice creates a special department for fighting corruption within

The Department will have the authority to initiate official investigations, as well as to turn to the law enforcement agencies where they uncover facts which could indicate that officials are guilty of corrupt actions. | detail

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Ministry of Justice makes GRECO report public

The GRECO Joint First and Second Round Compliance Report on Ukraine found that Ukraine has fully implemented 8 recommendations, and 17 – partially | detail

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Constitutional Court issues important judgment for those unemployed

The Court has declared unconstitutional a recently introduced norm which meant that people who had “resigned” by mutual consent could only receive unemployment benefit from the 91st day | detail

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Ukrainian migrant workers to pay tax on voluntary basis

Following a Government decision labour migrants will be able to move onto a simplified system of taxation, paying 200 UAH per month and having the same rights as people who work in Ukraine | detail

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How not to pay mothers’ benefits – from the horse’s (State’s) mouth

With Ukrainians ready to stand up for their rights in court, certain administrations are resorting to extraordinary measures to avoid coughing up | detail

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Parliament hopefully rectifies unemployment anomaly for villagers

The Verkhovna Rada has passed a Law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on employment of members of individual village enterprises” | detail

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Unemployment hitting prestigious posts as well

In the Kyiv Employment Centre around 30% of those registered formally held middle or higher positions. | detail

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The Pain of children of migrant workers

In Lviv a second book has been presented containing 130 true stories from children whose parents are working abroad and gives a poignant insight into the depth of the problem of the exodus of Ukrainians abroad in search of work | detail

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