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Homeless Kyiv resident wins case against the City Administration

The suit involved the fraught issue of Kyiv registration with the claimant represented by a UHHRU lawyer. | детальніше

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Privatisation ’raised death rate’

The rapid mass privatisation which followed the break up of the Soviet Union fuelled an increase in death rates among men, research suggests | детальніше

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No warm homecoming awaited

The economic crisis is forcing Ukrainians to return home. Ukrainians, in the first instance, those working in construction, are already coming back from Russia, however those in Western Ukraine are not necessarily hurrying to come back | детальніше

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Ukraine’s ranking drops in the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom

Ukraine’s score makes its economy the 152nd freest in the 2009 Index. Its score is 2.2 points lower than last year, reflecting deteriorating economic freedom in seven areas | детальніше

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Hold on repossessions planned

The Verkhovna Rada has approved as a base a draft law which will introduce a moratorium for the period of the crisis on repossessions of mortgaged homes | детальніше

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Crisis driving migrant workers home

Experts predict that around 200 thousand Ukrainian migrant workers may return from abroad. The State Committee of Statistics says that over 1.5 million Ukrainians are presently working in other countries | детальніше

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Citizens should assert their rights over communal charges arrears

According to Ludmila Klochko, Head of the KHPG Advice Centre, it is normal for such disputes to be resolved in the court. She points out, however: “Unfortunately it works out that the communal services act as both the claimants and the expert | детальніше

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Social patrol for Kyiv’s homeless during winter

Three brigades are to be formed which will provide aid in the form of food, clothing, shoes and humanitarian assistance. Where needed, the brigades will be able to give first aid care or call an ambulance | детальніше

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Human rights activist fighting land corruption attacked

Stanislav Ihnatyev’s organization is involved in the ACTION Project and is working to reduce the level of corruption in carrying out operations involving agricultural land in state or communal ownership | детальніше

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Were miners left to die after the explosion at the “Zakhidna” Mine?

Illicit mines are common in the Donbas area and bring in huge profits for the mafia-like gangs running them. In the latest accident which claimed the lives of five men hard-hitting questions need to be asked about the role of the local authorities | детальніше

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Unemployment could triple

The State Service for Employment is predicting that in 2009 unemployment in Ukraine could be at the level of the crisis at the beginning of the 1990s | детальніше

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Trade unions ill-equipped to defend workers in hard times

. In situations where social problems come to the fore trade union structures are oriented in the first instance to upholding the interests of the employers or of the government. | детальніше

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Corruption is on the increase, those responsible remain unpunished

A damning report by the Accounting Chamber on how money allocated for combating corruption is being spent inefficiently and how there remains no clear anti-corruption strategy | детальніше

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Wages arrears for miners have increased by 470%

According to the Minister of Employment and Social Policy, the sharp rise was caused by non-payments from energy enterprises and a significant reduction in sales of coke | детальніше

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UHHRU taken to court by Ukrainian Federation of Trade Unions

On 28 November 2007 the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union posted on its website an appeal from the National Confederation of Trade Unions entitled: “National Confederation of Trade Unions accuses the Federation of Trade Unions of corruption”. | детальніше

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Constitutional Court allows abolition of payments for industrial accidents

The Court says that the Industrial Accidents Fund is not liable since the Civil Code and Code of Labour Laws provide citizens with the right to receive moral compensation from their employer | детальніше

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New Ruling Class

On monitoring in one Ukrainian rural area which has highlighted a surreal situation where the nominal owners of land are effectively being deprived of their rights and sometimes of their land by the new local bosses | детальніше

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This Verkhovna Rada was ineffective and costly

Each law of the sixth (present) term of the Verkhovna Rada cost the State budget 10 million UAH. It was three times less during the previous parliamentary term. | детальніше

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What’s a “present” in school is a bribe in higher education

According to a survey undertaken by the Horshenin Institute, only 26.1% of Ukrainians have not paid a bribe when entering or studying in higher educational institutions | детальніше

Переглядів 1464

Are Ukrainian migrant workers returning?

A rise in salaries in Ukraine, as well as fluctuations with the US dollar, has led to a considerable fall in the number of people seeking work abroad | детальніше

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