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Veto Crimea bill or shame Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliament has adopted a bizarrely inappropriate bill on a ‘free economic zone’ in the Crimea which would seriously infringe the rights of Crimean Ukrainians and, by effectively recognizing Russian occupation, cast serious doubts over Ukraine’s position on Crimea. | детальніше

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Crimean authorities get green light for forceful purchase of private property

A new law adopted by the occupation regime in the Crimea permits the regional authorities to forcibly purchase private property owned by individuals or legal entities. Experts believe that the wording of the document makes it possible for not only land or real estate to be forcibly purchased, but any company | детальніше

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Corruption watchdogs warn of danger to public procurement transparency

If some urgent decisions are not taken now, in two weeks there could be large-scale disruption to publication of information by tens of thousands of contractors throughout the country | детальніше

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Akhmetov’s miners go on strike

The miners are not demanding anything excessive, only an increase in their wages to the average wage for the Donbas region. They need publicity to ensure that they’re not just given the sack | детальніше

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Crucial move to cut secrecy on public spending

A minimum majority in the Verkhovna Rada (226 MPs) has managed to pass an important law opening up information about public procurement and revoking legislative moves under the previous administration which hid vast amounts of public funding from public view | детальніше

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Parliament kills vital anti-corruption law

The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday passed one important law on increasing transparency of public procurement and then proved incapable of passing another law which would have prevented concealment of real estate ownership | детальніше

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Ukraine’s economy remains repressed

According to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, Ukraine’s record has only improved by 9 points over the last 20 years and is ranked 155th out of 178 countries in the study, and the worst out of 43 countries in Europe | детальніше

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5 reasons why corruption is rampant in Ukraine

These include "extremely muddled laws which are also not understood by the public. And that makes it possible to abuse them" | детальніше

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Important court victory for passengers’ rights

On Sept. 17 the Kyiv Court of Appeal issued a ruling in favour of passengers inconvenienced over the breakdown of the much-vaunted Hyundai trains | детальніше

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Anti-corruption units for the record

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted Standard Provisions for anti-corruption units to be formed in all executive bodies which will however answer to the heads of those bodies making the point of the exercis rather questionable | детальніше

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Another nail in the coffin of private enterprise in Ukraine

The government is proposing to create yet another controlling body. Small business owners complain that all the checks cost them too much, while consumers do not feel any particular benefit from the work of the state regulatory bodies | детальніше

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Ukraine falls 11 places in global competitiveness rating

The drop in its position is seen in most areas identified, but most of all with respect to macroeconomic stability. The report warns that in the absence of reforms the situation will get even worse | детальніше

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Ukraine world leader for number of taxes

Liga.net reports that according to the World Bank’s Doing Business rating, Ukraine has the highest rate of taxes in the world with the average Ukraine business paying 28 types of tax a year. | детальніше

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Miners forced to begin major protest – for their wages

Miners from Pervomaisk in the Luhansk oblast on 21 August began a protest march, initially to Luhansk, under the banner “Donbas, Rise from your knees!” They’re owed 8 million UAH | детальніше

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Cushioned for Life

Ekonomichna Pravda has published details about social benefits and pensions in Ukraine which show that former MPs receive a pension 10.5 times higher than the average for the country. A former judge’s pension is five times higher | детальніше

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Journalist corruption investigations can force authorities to watch their step

Oleksy Shalaisky, Editor of the public spending watchdog Nashi Hroshi [ Our Money] says that journalist investigations do lead to corrupt set ups and machinations being terminated. | детальніше

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Parliamentarians’ secrecy regarding income given judicial OK

The District Administrative Court in Kyiv, under Judge Arina Lytvynova, upheld the refusal by the Verkhovna Rada Office to provide members of the public with copies of MPs’ income declarations | детальніше

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Even milked down attempt to reign in MPs’ appetites shelved

The authors propose removing the right to free travel on public transport (minimal cost and largely theoretical), but have changed their mind about fining MPs for missing parliamentary sessions or committee meetings without good reason | детальніше

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Vast majority say corruption has increased a lot over last two years

According to Transparency International’s Coordinator for Post-Soviet Countries, Ukraine’s government is fighting corruption in word alone. She says that it has not undertaken any serious reform in recent years and simply makes promises which the public has stopped believing. | детальніше

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Ukrainian Mines becoming even more dangerous

The State Industrial Inspectorate has seen a sharp increase in the number of safety infringements on mines, with private mines, including those owned by Akhmetov, which are profit-making being the worst offenders | детальніше

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