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Ukrainians could lose any control over public procurement

“If the President signs this draft bill, that means he will give his blessing to corruption in Ukraine. There will be no need for any anti-corruption bodies then. There will be nothing to monitor, corruption will be legalized”. | детальніше

Переглядів 2294

“National Anti-Corruption Committee” to lose its only NGO representative

The Head of TORO, Transparency International’s contact group, Oleksy Khmara has warned that he is suspending his engagement in both the National Anti-Corruption Committee and another committee under the President, since neither they nor the President are doing anything | детальніше

Переглядів 1809

President urged to reject law fuelling corruption with public procurement

TORO, the contact group for Transparency International in Ukraine has called on the President to refuse to sign a law allowing corruption with tenders. | детальніше

Переглядів 1840

More victims of police protection of illegal mining

The latest tragedy involving illegal mines took place during the night of 12 July with two men from Krasny Luch receiving burns to 90% of their body and burns to the respiratory tract. They died on 16 July, largely because neither men had families able to ensure they received vital medication. | детальніше

Переглядів 1591

Law passed making most public procurement secret

In the midst of conflict over the language law effectively making Russian a de facto official language, the ruling majority has succeeded in massively reducing public control on how taxpayers’ money is spent.. | детальніше

Переглядів 2138

Elusive court orders, tangible gap in pensioners’ income

On 5 July the Head of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group Public Advice Centre Ludmila Klochko and KHPG Consultant on Housing Issues Mykhailo Hayevsky gave a press conference to highlight certain worrying rights infringements. | детальніше

Переглядів 802

Chornobyl clean-up workers planning large-scale protests in the autumn

Former Chornobyl clean-up workers are planning to uphold their right to a decent life and say that it is only through indefinite protest actions that they will be able to have impact on the authorities | детальніше

Переглядів 1526

Money for drinking water used for officials’ mineral water?

Shocking results from an Accounting Chamber of Ukraine audit on implementation (or lack of implementation) of a programme for ensuring clean drinking water | детальніше

Переглядів 1008

Former Chornobyl clean-up workers outraged over trick with new law

The All-Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Chornobyl has issued a statement over the law passed ahead of schedule on 5 June and promises mass protest | детальніше

Переглядів 1586

Law cutting social benefits quietly pushed through

The Verkhovna Rada has passed a law on guarantees of implementation of court rulings which envisages cancellation of benefits for specific categories of the public | детальніше

Переглядів 1309

Public funding spent on Euro 2012 – none left for the elderly and ill

Kharkiv spent more than a billion UAH from the city and regional budgets on preparations for Euro 2012. It’s now very difficult to find money for joint projects with charities. The situation is similar in Kyiv. | детальніше

Переглядів 1250

On the single bidder public procurement for the President’s flights

8.1 million UAH on servicing the President’s plane flights will go to the only bidder in the public procurement, “Tsentravia” which would seem to be connected with the company which owns the President’s residence at Mezhyhirya | детальніше

Переглядів 2257

SBU chief corruption fighter’s expensive way of telling the time

The First Deputy Head of Ukraine’s Security Service [SBU] and Head of the Central Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime, Volodymyr Rozhytsky wears a watch that would have cost him more than his year’s salary | детальніше

Переглядів 1082

Confederation of Free Trade Unions accuses authorities of pressure

Following an all-day search in Kamyanets-Podilsk, they accuse the authorities of putting the Confederation of Free Trade Unions under pressure in the run-up to planned protests on 21 May against the new Labour Code. | детальніше

Переглядів 894

Hundreds die each year due to traffic police corruption

Ukraine gets a pitifult 2.4 out of 10 in the Transparency International rating, while for 10,000 vehicles there are 104.4 road deaths. In Finland, where the corruption index stands at 9.2, there are only 8.2 road deaths for the same number of vehicles. | детальніше

Переглядів 1799

Victims of Chornobyl: past and present

On the 26th anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster former Chornobyl clean-up workers gathered to honour the memory of those who sacrificed so much and to protest against the cynical refusal to remember our debt before all Chornobyl veterans | детальніше

Переглядів 1389

Fighting corruption: fine words and hard-hitting reports

Of 25 recommendations which Ukraine was given in 2006, less than half (12) have been more or less successfully implemented. Since 2009 when GRECO stressed that 17 recommendations remained unimplemented, only four have been fulfilled | детальніше

Переглядів 1720

President’s Administration can’t provide Yanukovych’s copyright agreement

The President’s Administration has informed Ukrainska Pravda that it does not have the agreement according to which President Yanukovych apparently sold rights to his books – past and future - for 16.4 million UAH ($2 million). | детальніше

Переглядів 1303

Ukrainian President’s millions in book fees raise eyebrows

An income declaration published on his presidential website claims that in 2011 Yanukovych earned more than 16.4 million hryvnyas ($2 million) in copyright fees for numerous books, including "A Year in Opposition," "A Year in Office," and "How Ukraine Should Live Further," as well as any books he may pen in the future. | детальніше

Переглядів 1989

Ongoing pressure on Afghanistan War veterans since action snubbing the President

Members of the organization “Nobody but Us” say that they have been subjected to repression since their action on 15 February when they demonstrably turned their back on Viktor Yanukovych | детальніше

Переглядів 1371
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