Russia is endangering the life of a Ukrainian seized in insane case of mistaken identity

Kabir Mohammad, a Ukrainian citizen originally from Afghanistan, was held prisoner in Russian-occupied Crimea for a year because a person with a different name but same country of origin was on Interpol’s wanted list. He remains a hostage to this insane situation with his life now placed in grave danger. | детальніше

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American-Born Doctor Takes on Ukraine’s Health Care System

Ulana Suprun is a woman on a mission. The 53-year-old radiologist from New York who was appointed Ukraine’s Acting Minister of Health in July is determined to shake up Ukraine’s sclerotic health care system | детальніше

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Why I’m Optimistic about Ukraine’s Reforms in 2017

Following decades of neglect, there is real progress in Ukraine’s healthcare sector. Thanks to the efforts of reformers in the Ministry of Health, pressure from civil society, and the support of international donors, the sector is seeing reduced corruption and clear prospects for reform | детальніше

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Crimean taken by force to Russia dies in prison, refused medical care

One of the many Ukrainian prisoners forcibly moved to Russia after the latter invaded and occupied Crimea has died in a Russian prison, with the Russian authorities having ignored even the European Court of Human Rights | детальніше

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Strasbourg Court finds against Ukraine over lack of medical care for prisoner

In a case supported by the Kharkiv Human Rights Group’s Strategic Litigation Fund, the European Court of Human Rights has unanimously found that Ukraine violated an inmate’s rights through the substandard conditions in which he was held and lack of proper medical care, as well as through his initially unregistered detention | детальніше

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Healthcare under the control of Kremlin-backed militants

There are shortages of even the most basic medicines in Donetsk pharmacies and clinics, and doctors are being ‘paid’ partially through food parcels | детальніше

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Court case thrown out over clear signs that police planted evidence

A positive precedent has been created in Kharkiv with a case thrown out after the lawyer demonstrated that the police had fabricated the evidence. Over 15 thousand people end up in prison each year because the police, wanting good ‘statistics’, go for people over possession of tiny amounts of narcotics or plant the drugs themselves | детальніше

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Crimea’s Methadone Ban hits Rehabilitation Patients hard

As many as 20 people who were being treated for heroin addiction in the Ukrainian region of Crimea have died since the Black Sea peninsula was annexed by Russia in March.. Dozens more have left the region for other parts of Ukraine in a bid to continue methodone treatment | детальніше

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Around 20 volunteer medics injured by police on Hrushevsky St

The medical service stresses that the law enforcement officers’ actions against volunteers providing medical aid to wounded activists were unacceptable and in breach of the Geneva Convention | детальніше

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Yevgeny Novitsky: I’m a foreign agent and I’m proud of it

Better than any legal commentary about the Russian look-alike attempt to stigmatize NGOs as “foreign agents” is this account from a father whose son’s leukemia and that suffered by other children could be treated thanks to help from abroad | детальніше

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Positive Decisions In Favor of AIDS Positive People.

International AIDS Day, December 1 - is not just an occasion to emphasize the living conditions and the prevalence of the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. The necessarily is arising to ask more critical question – how do HIV-positive people feel and whether are their rights protected? | детальніше

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Kharkiv: Gravely ill tuberculosis patients left without treatment

Over the last 5 years, despite the gravity of the problem, 5 anti-tuberculosis units have been closed. Each was supposedly closed “for repairs” but never opened again. There are fears that the unit for patients with the most severe form of the disease will also not reopen | детальніше

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Church head condemns shameful treatment of HIV patients

HIV-positive patients at the Lavra Clinic on the territory of the Kyiv Pecherska Lavra are continuing their protest begun dramatically on 12 September when some of the patients handcuffed themselves to beds in the outpatient department | детальніше

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Important breakthrough for palliative care

A special ambulance brigade has been created in Severodonetsk (Luhansk oblast) for providing strong painkillers and similar palliative treatment for terminally ill patients in their own homes. | детальніше

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Plans to decriminalize possession of drugs

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a new State Strategy on Drugs up till 2020. The strategy envisages increasing criminal liability for distribution of drugs in large quantities. One important move planned is to increase the number of pharmacies that can hold strong medication, at present often not available to cancer patients, people needing palliative care | детальніше

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Daryna Radchenko fined for defending her mother

Daryna Radchenko has been fined for trying to stop her perfectly healthy and sane civic activist mother from being placed in a psychiatric hospital and subjected to “treatment” against her will. | детальніше

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Raisa Radchenko: Psychiatric restraint court order quashed

On Thursday 8 August, the Zaporizhya Regional Court of Appeal quashed a lower court ruling which had ordered the forced confinement in a psychiatric hospital of 70-year-old civic activist Raisa Radchenko | детальніше

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HIV patients evicted from Kyiv Pecherska Lavra to nowhere

Despite the assurances of Father Pavel, Head of the Lavra, patients from the HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Clinic until now situated on the territory of the Kyiv Pecherska Lavra have already been evicted | детальніше

Переглядів 2001

Raisa Radchenko released

Raisa Radchenko is already home with her daughter and grandson with the official version presented by the Health Ministry being that her forced psychiatric treatment was warranted, with the treatment having “considerably improved her state of health” | детальніше

Переглядів 2165

Health Ministry begins psychiatric examination of Raisa Radchenko

The police appear to have accused Darya Radchenko, the 70-year-old civic activist Raisa Radchenko’s daughter, of obstructing officers when they were forcing her mother into a psychiatric hospital. | детальніше

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