Poroshenko accused of following in Yanukovych’s tracks over retrograde law

A law recently passed and signed by the President in blitzkrieg fashion strips the heads and deputy heads of local state administrations of their civil servant status, with this removing any requirements for their appointment on a competitive basis, and restrictions on political party affiliation. | детальніше

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Now Is the Time for Electoral Reform in Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliament has a busy agenda this autumn. Not only is a sweeping healthcare reform package needed to fix the country’s broken system, judicial reform, the creation of a special anticorruption court, and land reform are also pending. In spite of these burning priorities, now is also the best time for parliament to pass electoral reform. | детальніше

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New Kremlin ploy for bypassing Minsk agreements rubberstamped by the same pro-Russian ‘observers’

The self-styled ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’ held ‘primaries’ on Oct 2, claiming them to be preparation for the local elections demanded by the Minsk Agreement. The event was effusively praised by at least 33 ‘observers’, some of them already known for their far-right or extreme left views and unwavering pro-Kremlin position | детальніше

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Numbers Don’t Lie: Statistics Point To Massive Fraud In Russia’s Duma Vote

According to one estimate, " the scope of the falsification in favor of United Russia in these elections amounted to approximately 12 million votes" | детальніше

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Crimean Tatars boycott Russia’s illegitimate elections in occupied Crimea

Most Crimean Tatars appear to have boycotted the elections which Russia illegally held in occupied Crimea. How many other Ukrainians also refused to take part is as yet unclear, but it seems likely that despite threats and coercion, the turnout was low. Judging by previous experience since Russia’s invasion of Crimea, the boycott could lead to an escalation in repression. | детальніше

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Pressure mounts on Crimeans to ‘vote’ in Russia’s illegitimate elections

More reports are emerging of Crimean public sector workers being threatened with dismissal if they don’t turn up at the polling booths on Sept. 18. Russia is illegally holding its parliamentary elections in occupied Crimea and is typically using coercion to gain turnout amid calls to boycott the event. | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar Leader Calls for Boycott of Russia’s Illegitimate Elections in Occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader Refat Chubarov has addressed all Crimeans calling on them to boycott the Russian parliamentary elections which Russia is insisting on holding in annexed Crimea. His appeal coincides with a Ukrainian parliamentary resolution asking the international community to join Ukraine in not recognizing the elections in Crimea. | детальніше

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Kremlin-loyal ‘observers’ arrive to rubberstamp Donbas ‘primaries’ in breach of Minsk Accord

A “delegation of foreign observers from Finland and Serbia” has visited Donetsk as part of an elaborate, if farcical, attempt by the Kremlin-backed militants to bypass the commitments agreed in Minsk for holding local elections | детальніше

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Ukraine slammed over Party Dictatorship’ Law used to remove inconvenient MPs

A controversial law used shortly after its adoption to strip two MPs of their mandate has been thoroughly condemned as in breach of international standards by the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission | детальніше

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Dissident MPs lose mandate in new move towards ‘party dictatorship’

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has complied with a highly contentious move by the bloc of Petro Poroshenko [BPP] and has stripped two Ukrainian MPs of their mandate. The move is especially chilling as one of the MPs Yehor Firsov had left the faction in protest at what he called corruption among the leadership | детальніше

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Kremlin Donbas Proxy Openly Rejects Minsk Agreement Elections

A key Kremlin-backed leader has stated that he has no intention of implementing the Minsk Agreement and holding elections according to Ukrainian legislation. Western irritation with Ukraine’s supposed failure to come up with a ‘special’ law to enable such elections is therefore unfounded. | детальніше

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Forget the Voters: Ukraine’s Leaders Bring in ‘Party Dictatorship’

President Poroshenko has ignored calls to veto a bill which violates electoral rights and could be used to enable parties to ignore voters’ choice, even that expressed in 2014, and bring in obedient MPs, or those who pay most | детальніше

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Election watchdog slams law enabling exclusion of candidates after election

Unless the law is revoked, parties will be able to change the order of candidates on the candidate lists after votes have already been cast. | детальніше

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So will anybody answer for the non-election fiasco in Mariupol?

The head of the OPORA election watchdog warns that the elections sabotaged in Mariupol and Krasnoarmiysk on Sunday cannot be repeated before the New Year. Who was to blame should be the subject of a criminal investigation. | детальніше

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Why must Ukrainians fight for their right to vote?

With the local elections due in October, speed is critical in passing one of three bills now tabled in parliament to rectify the current situation which prevents people forced to leave their homes in Crimea or Donbas from voting. | детальніше

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‘Radical Party’ MP & sponsor ‘forgot’ to declare a luxury apartment in Paris

An MP and sponsor of the populist Radical Party which came to power promising to radically combat corruption has concealed ownership of a flat in the centre of Paris worth well over a million EUR. If this is an embarrassment, so too should be the news of the Radical Party’s strange electoral bedfellows in the Kherson oblast. | детальніше

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The West should not legitimize illegitimate, Kremlin-backed elections in Donbas

Militant leaders have refused to recognize Ukraine’s Law on Local Elections, and have now banned any Ukrainian media from covering the ‘elections’ they have scheduled in breach of Ukrainian law. They have also imposed restrictions enabling them to prevent any real electoral choice. | детальніше

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Election watchdog criticizes authorities over flawed mid-term election

OPORA sees the main problem as being the failure of the authorities to fulfil their obligation and prevent infringements. | детальніше

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Conflicting exit polls and numerous infringements in mid-term elections

Election watchdogs OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] have reported fake journalists, titushki, or paid thugs at polling stations, and other irregularities in the mid-term election at the Chernihiv No. 205 single mandate electoral district | детальніше

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Displaced by Russian aggression, now stripped of right to vote

The law on local elections just passed deprives the huge number of displaced people in Ukraine of the right to cast their vote in the elections due in October this year | детальніше

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