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How to provoke a pogrom

These words by the Head of the Moscow-based Sova Centre about those actively fuelling hatred, whether deliberately or for sensation in the media are unfortunately just as relevant for Ukraine and urgently need to be heeded | детальніше

Переглядів 1732

Ugly message from Chernihiv racists

Last night the office of the Chernihiv Civic Committee for the Protection of Human Rights was daubed with graffiti and images of an anti-Semitic and xenophobic nature | детальніше

Переглядів 1287

Not “In Contact”

On 24 March the administration of the popular Russian website “VKontakte.ru” (“In Contact”) blocked off access to 41 groups “propagating ethnic and racial hatred”. | детальніше

Переглядів 2257

The Limited Force of Fine Words

True freedom brings with it responsibility. Without this words remain a cheap commodity offered for a song by those wishing to use us for their own ends | детальніше

Переглядів 3975

Nationality does not predispose a person to crime

Human Rights Aide to the Head of the MIA for the Cherkasy region, Volodomyr Batchaev speaks about cooperation between the police and the public, about law enforcement officers “sins” and about prejudice in society towards the Roma | детальніше

Переглядів 2254

Roma community – the most discriminated against minority in Ukraine

A project being run by the Roma Women’s Fund “Chirikili” with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is aimed at changing the attitude of the State and society to Roma people. | детальніше

Переглядів 2242

Terrible Deceit

When you can hear totally different versions of historical events, who are young kids supposed to believe? Why should they even understand that there is such a thing as objective truth? (on the so-called longing for dictatorship and on a worrying muddle of nationalist rhetoric and beliefs) | детальніше

Переглядів 3868

Murder of Nigerian in Lviv: witnesses found

Police say that all police stations have an identikit picture of the likely murderer, however they have not yet detained anybody | детальніше

Переглядів 1317

Non-rhetorical questions to the Minister of Internal Affairs

If with his visa initiatives, the Minister of Internal Affairs wanted to convince Ukrainian nationals and others that his department is ready to maintain law and order and can worthily fulfil the new role it is to take on, I rather fear he miscalculated. | детальніше

Переглядів 2249

Promising move from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor General

The creation is finally planned of a register of crimes committed on the basis of racial, ethnic or religious intolerance. This should enable statistical reporting on the number and nature of such crimes and on the results of police investigations into them. | детальніше

Переглядів 1696

Crimean Voices of Hatred

You wonder whether this is not some kind of recurring nightmare where the authorities are incapable of grasping the obvious fact that we all need to be protected from any attempts to use hatred, lies and primitive labels to destabilize the country | детальніше

Переглядів 2519

Murder of Nigerian in Lviv still unsolved

No conclusions should be drawn without full police investigation which is now underway. On the other hand, the statement that the police still have no idea who commented this terrible crime yet are adamant it wasn’t skinheads raises more questions than it answers | детальніше

Переглядів 2092

Odessa journalist receives suspended sentence for inciting racial enmity

The Prymorsky Court in Odessa has handed down a one and a half year suspended sentence to the Editor of the newspaper “Nashe dyelo” Igor Volyn-Danilov | детальніше

Переглядів 1829

New Year greetings wrapped in statistics

The latest press report from the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Public Liaison Centre pulls statistics out of context and seems more designed to foster harmful stereotypes than to provide information | детальніше

Переглядів 2709

Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of the Crimea condemns Supreme Court ruling on Soborna Mosque

The Directorate is convinced that the ruling will lead to a new string of court hearings dragging out the process of compelling the Simferopol City Council to conclude a lease agreement for land on which to build an Assembly [Soborna] Mosque | детальніше

Переглядів 3142

Government draws up Conceptual Framework for Ukraine’s Ethno-National Policy

According to information issued by the Cabinet of Ministers’ Press Service, the Conceptual Framework should become the guide for state bodies when resolving issues of ethno-national development and regulating inter-ethnic relations. | детальніше

Переглядів 1428

The Black Hole of “Ukrainian Anti-Semitism”

I write these words in the last month of 2008 in an attempt to pull the issue of anti-Semitism in Ukraine from the edge of a black hole in which time and space have ceased to exist, and to stop blurring different issues in order to move forward in our time and space | детальніше

Переглядів 2861

Trends in anti-Semitism in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century: reality and stereotypes

The author has been carrying out monitoring for several years which makes the empirical data here of the greatest interest | детальніше

Переглядів 3314

Crimean Tatars restart work at the site planned for a Soborna [Assembly] Mosque in Simferopol

On Sunday 23 November around 250 people took part in constructing a fence around the land on Yaltynska St where it is hoped to build the Mosque - Dzhuma-Dzhami | детальніше

Переглядів 2427

Trial by Headline

The Ukrainian version of this text was written as a response to articles about and by skinheads published in the Vinnytsa newspaper “33 kanal”. Despite the paper’s invitation to participate in discussion, it proved unwilling to publish an article which pointed, amongst other things, to total misinformation | детальніше

Переглядів 3250
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