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There is an article in the Criminal Code against incitement to enmity after all

Perhaps for the first time in Ukraine those circulating anti-Semitic material are facing charges under Article 161 § 2 of the Criminal Code “Infringement of equal rights on the basis of racial or ethnic identity or attitude to religion” | detail

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Deferred prison sentence for calls to armed uprising

The court found the 43-year-old guilty of distributing material with calls to change the borders of the country and undermine the order established by the Ukrainian Constitution, and aimed at inciting ethnic and religious enmity | detail

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No Tower of Babel

One senses that for some people the Charter and situation in Ukraine are confined to a virtual realm in which contact with reality is of absolutely no importance. A journey by public transport in Kyiv for example, will assuage all concerns about the threatened position of the Russian language | detail

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Incendiary devices

Neither media outlets nor the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are entitled to make very serious allegations of criminally liable offences without some basic checks. These must involve ascertaining at very least whether the person in question was anywhere near the place where the criminal offence was alleged to have occurred | detail

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Ugly and unacceptable, but are the fans anti-Semitic?

“Kyiv Dynamo’s” final match before the winter break has been clouded by thoroughly unacceptable behaviour by its fans, however it is not perhaps entirely clear how consciously anti-Semitic the culprits are | detail

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Who is fuelling inter-ethnic problems in the Crimea?

Improper utterances in the press, ethnic and religious insults are not only the source of negative emotions, but can in the end lead to outbursts of violence. Such problems are particularly acute in the Crimea where relations between the Slavonic majority and repatriated Crimean Tatars sometimes spill out into conflict | detail

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New official post on combating racism and xenophobia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced the position of Special Ambassador on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination and appointed Oleksandr Horin to the post | detail

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Out of the shadows

Any xenophobic behaviour must be stopped. However, rather than making global statements which are too vague to be checked or refuted, we need to address the issues, pool our resources and ensure that problems emerging do not get out of hand | detail

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SBU may reinstate list of “undesirable individuals” from Russia

The act of vandalism on Mount Hoverli may prompt a return to the use of bans on “undesirable individuals” between Ukraine and Russia | detail

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Fastidious disgust but firm measures

The Eurasian Youth Union raised its ugly head in Ukraine on Friday, with the desecration of Ukrainian State emblems on Mount Hoverli in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. After photographing their “heroic deeds” , the three culprits sped out of the country in the direction of Russia | detail

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First swastika at a football match

Investigations are continuing into this foul and for Ukraine unprecedented incident during which a Nazi banner was unfurled in Kyiv | detail

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The Elections and Ukraine’s European Choice

A roundtable run by the Committee of Voters of Ukraine has called on political factions to stop using the language issue, and others, as part of their election campaigning | detail

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Pro-Russian activists try to have Crimean Ukrainian language lyceum closed

While the head of the lyceum said that the picketers did not disturb lessons, the head of the civic organizations “Ukrainian Home” believes that the picket demanding the school’s closure is jeopardizing regional security and that this is just one element of a dangerous trend | detail

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Police confirm criminal investigation over attack on picketers

Around 40 supporters of Valery Kaurov’s Yedinoye Otechestvo [Common Fatherland] are believed to have beaten up the picketers, with four people hospitalized, and some of the injured including women | detail

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Criminal investigation over assault on picketers

On Sunday morning 2 September members of a peaceful picket against the restoration of a monument to Catherine the Great were attacked by supporters of Valery Kaurov “Common Fatherland” movement.. Several picketers were hospitalized. | detail

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The Press are overcoming ethnic stereotypes

This was the conclusion reached by participants in a roundtable on the role of the media in overcoming negative ethnic stereotypes in a border area. The discussion took place on 12 June in Chernivtsi, the capital of Bukovyna and an area where many nationalities live side by side | detail

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UN refugee agency concerned at attacks on foreigners in Ukraine

The Agency acknowledged steps taken by the Government to address the problem however urged action to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice | detail

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Who is trying to fuel racism and xenophobia in Kharkiv?

A third torch procession trying to stir up resentment against foreign students (and beat up any they find) is part of a worrying development over the last 6 months which human rights defenders believe is being deliberately encouraged in Kharkiv and needs firm measures now | detail

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In Bukovyna national minority groups can learn about their rights in Romanian

A new handbook summarizing Ukrainian and European experience on considering the needs of national communities at local level has been published in both Ukrainian and Romanian | detail

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Xenophobia on the rise

Depressing statistics, but there are some positive moves in the fight against xenophobia. The Kyiv police have recently launched two criminal investigations over cases involving racial crimes, and there seems to be progress in the case of the murder of the Nigerian Hodnoys Myevi | detail

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