Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Neo-Nazis in Moscow’s Service

While criminalizing honest historical debate under the guise of fighting “restoration of Nazism”, the Kremlin is showing incredible willingness to use neo-Nazi groups for its dirty work in Ukraine | detail

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Comparison of xenophobia in Ukraine and in Russia

In view of widespread attempts over recent times to manipulate the issues of anti-Semitism and xenophobia, the National Minority Rights Monitoring Group has carried out a comparative study of the number of crimes based on ethnic, racial or religious hatred in Ukraine and in Russia | detail

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Anti-Semitism and xenophobia in Ukraine during April 2014

Monitoring carried out by Tetyana Bezruk and Viacheslav Likhachev | detail

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Russia tries a new Polish and Hungarian “separatist” number

While the EU continues to stall over any serious sanctions, Russia is diversifying its efforts to destabilize Ukraine, with the government radio station Voice of Russia now citing alleged Polish and Hungarian “separatist” sentiments | detail

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Pro-Russian separatists start their own anti-Semitic TV channel

The anti-Semitic pronouncements and far-right credentials of a large number of the pro-Russian militants who have seized control in various east Ukrainian cities are making Russia’s unconditional support look highly questionable. | detail

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Pro-Russian, anti-Roma, anti-Semitic and hunting out Ukrainian speakers

The Ukrainian authorities may have suspended anti-terrorist operations over Easter, but there is no let-up in violence and aggression from the pro-Russian militants in east Ukraine, especially Slovyansk with its motley "people’s mayor" | detail

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Arson attempt on Mykolaiv Synagogue

An attempt to set light to a synagogue in the central district of Mykolaiv was thwarted by the swift hands-on reaction of a passer-by. The attack comes at a time when many in Mykolaiv and throughout Ukraine are concerned about possible acts of provocation | detail

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The Donetsk anti-Semitic leaflets – what should not be overlooked

A real information war is raging and the very fact that the Jewish card is being used is extremely dangerous especially given the methods applied in recent weeks to manufacture "civil war" | detail

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Russia continues its false narrative as defender of oppressed minorities in Ukraine

It certainly doesn’t look good to say that you’ve annexed another country’s territory because you wanted it. Or that you’re amassing troops on that country’s border trying to decide if you can get away with grabbing more. That, however, is the truth unlike the Kremlin’s endless barrage of lies about anti-Semitism and discrimination in Ukraine | detail

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Russian propaganda claims Jewish organizations supporting Maidan are bringing on "second Holocaust"

Russia’s propaganda efforts have been foundering spectacularly of late. Prominent Jewish organizations and public figures have publicly condemned Russian lies; the latest fake demonstrates primitive disinformation, and an attempt on Sunday to present Jewish and Russian organizations supporting Maidan as bringing on "a second Holocaust", as they allegedly did Shoah could backfire | detail

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The Crimean referendum’s neo-Nazi observers

It is difficult to hope for respectable friends when you have just invaded another country’s territory without so much as a declaration of war, but the Kremlin’s props for their Crimean intervention are a seriously motley bunch, including a large number of “independent” observers with known far right leanings | detail

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Putin’s Neo-Nazi Helpers

Russian TV has a new hero, “elected” by the people and persecuted for his beliefs by the new baddy regime in Kyiv. Pavel Gubarev is certainly pro-Russian and, as of March 6, in custody, but his neo-Nazi background, seemingly shared by some of his most vocal defenders, makes him a curious choice | detail

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Chief Rabbi and others dismiss Putin’s “anti-Semitic extremist” claims

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi believes that Russia could try to manufacture anti-Semitic attacks to try to justify its invasion of Ukraine | detail

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Panic in Ukraine the work of provocateurs

VAAD Ukraine [The Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine] and the Congress of National Communities are calling on political forces in Ukraine and beyond to refrain from making statements which undermine inter-ethnic harmony in Ukraine. | detail

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Anti-Semitism on EuroMaidan: Not seen, just heard about

Overt attempts to use anti-Semitism as a propaganda weapon against the EuroMaidan movement have run up against two major hurdles: the facts and a large number of authoritative analysts, historians and human rights activists determined to prevent Ukrainians and the international community from being misled | detail

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On the situation with anti-Semitism in the context of civic protest

A statement from human rights organizations regarding reports in the media and claims of a surge in anti-Semitism in Ukraine | detail

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Anti-Semitism as a Weapon of Political Technology

The propaganda campaign accompanying the street confrontations has seen the use of the entire range of the political technology arsenal, including the most dirty tricks. A common currency in the confrontation has been the ‘Jewish Question’. | detail

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Far-right march through Lviv

On Nov 23, while people throughout the world joined Ukrainians in remembering the Victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 and in protesting against the government’s about-face on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, around 150 extreme rightwing racists held a march through Lviv. | detail

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Assembly of Nationalities and other Election Manoeuvres

With presidential elections on the horizon and ongoing attempts by the Party of the Regions to play the “anti-fascist” card, attention to the launching of a new “Assembly of National Minorities” seems warranted.. | detail

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Arson attacks on mosques in the Crimea

Two Crimean Tatar Mosques have burned down in the Crimea and witnesses say that they have found signs of arson The Mufti of the Muslims of Crimea Hajji Emirali Ablaev has called on Muslims to remain calm and called the arson attacks attempts to provoke interreligious conflict. | detail

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