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Tyunin’s conviction for incitement to racial enmity overturned

The Simferopol Court of Appeal has overturned the sentence passed on one of the leaders of the pro-Russian Crimean Cossack Movement, Vladimir Tyunin | детальніше

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VAAD expresses concern over Kyiv-Mohyla inaugural lecture by anti-Semitic historian

The Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (VAAD Ukraine) has issued a statement regarding the decision by the Kyiv –Mohyla Academy [NaUKMA to invite historian Serhiy Bilokin to give this year’s inaugural speech at the university | детальніше

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Suspended sentence in the Crimea for incitement to racial enmity

A Simferopol court has found one of the leaders of the pro-Russian Crimean Cossack Movement, Vladimir Tyunin guilty of deliberately inciting ethnic and religious enmity against Crimean Tatars and Muslims | детальніше

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Football, violence and neo-Nazism: attacks in Ukraine

Worrying reports of attacks by football louts with an extreme rightwing twist, as well as disturbing failure by the police to protect those under attack | детальніше

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Assessment of the Draft Bill on Principles of State Language Policy

Yulia Tyshchenko from the Ukrainian Independent Political Research Centre scrutinizes the highly contentious draft Law on the Principles of State Language Policy (No. 9073) and how it correlates with the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages | детальніше

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Roma in Odessa region suffer from lack of documents and police lawlessness

More than 60% of all applications for legal assistance to the Law Centre of the Odessa Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine concerned unlawful actions by law enforcement bodies, mainly the police | детальніше

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Gypsy Camp set alight in Kyiv – “for Euro 2012”

On the eve of Euro 2012 the authorities would appear o have set light to a gypsy camp and killed one of the camp dogs in Kyiv, leaving up to 60 people homeless. | детальніше

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Man arrested over attacks on Nigerian students

The police have detained a 22-year-old man living in the Kharkiv oblast who they say has confessed to carrying out attacks on foreign students | детальніше

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UK Foreign Office warns fans to except racial abuse in Ukraine

The UK’s Foreign Office has advised any black or Asian supporters going to Ukraine for this summer’s European Championship that they face the possibility of being racially abused | детальніше

Переглядів 1910

Two vicious attacks on Nigerian students

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office reports two attacks on students from Nigeria which the police are treating as racially motivated attempted murder | детальніше

Переглядів 2061

New feat from Yanukovych’s village authorities – this time racist

The Village Council in Novi Petrivtsii (Kyiv oblast) has, for the second year running, issued a thoroughly racist ban which the Berkut riot police are being deployed to enforce. | детальніше

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Nigerian held in detention for 6 months after being attacked

On 9 April a protest was held outside the Leninsky District Court in Luhansk demanding the release of Olaola Sunkami Femi, who is accused of trying to kill 5 people who attacked him in the entrance to his apartment block on 5 November 2011. | детальніше

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Congress of National Communities speaks out over recent criticism of OSCE official

A recent letter supposedly from 120 national minority organizations expressing anger over a report, not yet published by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, is baffling for a number of reasons and can in no way represent the position of any of the national minorities as a whole | детальніше

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Protest over religious discrimination in the Crimea

100 well-known figures in the Crimea have signed an appeal accusing the Simferopol authorities of discrimination and of provoking inter-ethnic and inter-denominational conflict in the region | детальніше

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Ethics Commission condemns Ternopil newspaper’s scandalous article

The Journalist Ethics Commission has issued an assessment of the article in Nova Ternopilska Gazeta which created a scandal both within Ukraine and abroad. The words and picture are profoundly offensive, although the Ternopil Regional Prosecutor’s Office recently announced that it had not found any reason to initiate criminal proceedings. | детальніше

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Racism scandal over Ukraine’s Eurovision contestant

The rightwing party VO Svoboda party is denying insulting Ukrainian candidate for Eurovision Gaitana after one of its members publicly criticized her selection (on the grounds of her Congolese father | детальніше

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Two suspects in Luhansk racist attack caught in Russia

In November between 15 and 25 thugs in medical masks and with bats smashed shop windows and caused damage to a kiosk selling shaurma (kebabs) The assailants then beat up foreign students, four of whom ended up in hospital. | детальніше

Переглядів 2055

Council of Europe’s Anti-Racism Commission publishes new report on Ukraine

ECRI’s Chair ad interim, François Sant’Angelo, said that, while there have been some improvements, there are still concerns in most areas covered by the Commission’s mandate | детальніше

Переглядів 2204

Ternopil Prosecutor “finds no racism” in scandalous article

The decision is unlikely to be understood either in Ukraine or abroad. The article in question was written about in foreign newspapers because it was so shockingly racist | детальніше

Переглядів 2191

Ternopil Prosecutor promises to check “whether” offensive article is racist

The Ternopil Prosecutor’s Office has apparently begun a check over the scandalous material which has deeply offended local students from other countries, elicited outrage not only in Ukraine | детальніше

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