Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Far-right French politicians enter Crimea illegally to rubberstamp fake Putin and occupation forever vote

If far-right French politician Thierry Mariani publicly denied the Holocaust, he would have long been removed from the EU’s European Endowment for Democracy. Why is his public support for Russia’s occupation of Crimea and denial of human rights crimes not regarded as a problem? | detail

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Return to Yanukovych’s selective justice condemned as thousands protest plan to arrest Poroshenko

Former Soviet dissidents have added their voices to a strong statement protesting at the ever-increasing criminal prosecutions brought against former President Petro Poroshenko. | detail

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Russia caught lying to OSCE about ‘persecution’ of Russian-speakers in Ukraine

Russia really should avoid citing authoritative Ukrainian public opinion pollsters when lying about the language situation in Ukraine | detail

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Questions to Zelensky if ex-President Poroshenko really is remanded in custody

With at least 17 criminal investigations announced against former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko since Volodymyr Zelensky took office, it is no easy task to concentrate on any specific charges, however the stakes this time appear to be very high | detail

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Criminal probe against Poroshenko regarding Biden tape discredits Zelensky and Ukraine

On the latest attempt to create a scandal linking Joe Biden, former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and on disturbing willingness from President Zelensky to take the nonsense seriously and suggest that Poroshenko could go on trial | detail

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Russia uses Covid-19 to try to get sanctions lifted while continuing aggression unabated

While Ukrainian soldiers are being killed, and hostages tortured in the Russian proxy Donbas ‘republics’, and repression continues unabated in occupied Crimea, Russia is actively using the coronavirus pandemic as a means of getting sanctions withdrawn | detail

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Suspected Maidan killer released, as notorious judge places activist & ex-MP under house arrest

A judge who gained notoriety under President Viktor Yanukovych for his role in political persecution has placed ex-MP, investigative journalist and Maidan activist Tetyana Chornovol under 24-hour house arrest | detail

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Chilling déjà vu in Ukraine as criminal charges brought against ex-President Poroshenko

. The most extraordinary of several criminal charges is that of “action aimed at the violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or seizing of state power” | detail

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Russia rages as plans for legitimizing its proxy Donbas “republics” are foiled

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has condemned Ukraine, Germany and France for thwarting its attempts to foist direct dialogue with occupied Donbas on Kyiv, with Moscow treated as a mere ‘observer’ | detail

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Ukrainian whistle-blower MP faces criminal probe after reporting high-level corruption

First reports had seemed like an early April Fool’s Day joke, but, unfortunately, proved to be true – the criminal investigation launched was over MP Geo Leros’ publication of incriminating recordings, rather than the apparent corruption that the recordings showed | detail

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Dismissed Prosecutor General condemns baseless criminal charges against Poroshenko

Ukraine’s charges against the ex-President are no less surreal | detail

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Zelensky fires adviser who condemned legalization of Russian-controlled Donbas militants

Geo Leros was dismissed from his position as adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky less than 24 hours after an interview in which the people’s deputy (MP) criticized a recent agreement provisionally reached in Minsk | detail

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Freedom House report shows OSCE monitored elections in occupied Donbas would be a farce

Freedom House’s devastating assessment of the political and human rights situation in the Russian-controlled Donbas ‘republics’ should be compulsory reading for Ukraine’s leaders, as well as for those western partners who are pushing Ukraine to agree local elections on occupied territory | detail

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Underhanded agreement for direct dialogue with Donbas militants is a red line Zelensky promised not to cross

There has been outrage since a document signed on 11 March in Minsk was published by the Ukrainian media and it became clear what the Ukrainian side had agreed to. | detail

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PACE ignored gross human rights violations in Crimea to justify capitulation to Russia

Delegates from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have cited supposedly ‘positive moves’ from Russia as their excuse for removing sanctions, an excuse dismissed by both Ukrainian and Russian human rights groups t | detail

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Summary of the Analysis of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring The Functioning of Ukrainian as the State Language”

This review provides an analysis of the adopted version of the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language” No. 2704-VIII from April 25, 2019 (the law or the language law) based on international human rights standards and the Constitution of Ukraine. | detail

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Putin has declared war, but not just against Ukraine, with his proposed constitutional changes

Putin’s inclusion of notorious Russian writer / Donbas fighter Zakhar Prylepin in a working group on constitutional changes is a grave affront to all Ukrainians, however the changes Putin is planning, especially with respect to its occupation of Crimea, are likely to have even more serious ramifications for Ukraine | detail

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Why Russia demanded the release of a ‘Ukrainian fascist’ as part of the prisoner exchange in occupied Donbas

Russia has constantly demonized all Ukrainian nationalist organizations as ‘fascist’, so why, you might ask, would it demand that Ukraine release the former leader of one of the most notorious of such organizations? | detail

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Contra spem spero

In 2019 there were even more human rights violations than in previous years. This is the gloomy conclusion that emerges when you try to gather together all the various events concerned with human rights in the year just ended. | detail

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