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Court in Russian-occupied Crimea orders arrest of Mustafa Dzhemiliev

Almost two years after Russia banned world-renowned Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemiliev from his native Crimea, a court in Simferopol has ordered his arrest, claiming that he "is hiding from the investigators" | detail

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Putin’s Crimean ‘Genocide’

The Crimean parliament in Russian-occupied Crimea has accused Ukraine of ‘genocide’ over the electricity blockade, ignoring the fact that it is Vladimir Putin who has ensured that Crimeans will long suffer critical shortages | detail

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Poland’s rightwing government plans sweeping powers for own party Prosecutor General

Poland’s new government has just passed a highly contentious law on police surveillance and is set to give the current Justice Minister powers never before held in democratic Poland | detail

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‘Clear Signs of Sabotage’ in Odesa 2 May Investigation

20 months after the deadly disturbances and fire in Odesa on May 2, 2014, Ukraine’s law enforcement bodies have not only failed to properly investigate the events and find those responsible, but are effectively sabotaging the investigation. | detail

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Free the Kremlin’s 20 Ukrainian Hostages Now

In the last two years, campaigns persecuting Ukrainians have become an entirely normalized and systemized form of Russian military aggression. | detail

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Far-right Le Pen party politician visits Donbas to investigate ‘Ukrainian war crimes’

After blocking UN peacekeepers, OSCE observers, international aid agencies and an international tribunal over the downing by militants of a passenger airline, Russia and its proxies in Donbas have brought in their own ‘human rights investigators’, led by Jacques Closterman, a French politician linked with Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front | detail

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The Minsk Agreement format should change

An attempt to look at the Minsk Agreement from the point of view of human rights | detail

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Crimea Blockade lawlessness or ’Kherson people’s republic’ provocateurs?

Seriously criminal activities have been reported near the border with Crimea by men wearing balaclavas & camouflage gear, with ominous efforts by Russian media and Kremlin-backed militants to claim that a ‘people’s revolt’ is brewing | detail

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Satirists rip into Russia’s ‘Humanitarian Convoys’ bearing death & grenades as ‘children’s toys’

Ukraine’s Mirko Sablich group have put out a new video clip exposing Russia’s lies over the so-called ‘humanitarian convoys’ illegally crossing into areas of Donbas under Kremlin-backed militant control. The bitter satire was in response to a pathos-filled propaganda stunt on the Russian State-controlled Channel One in which the convoys are referred to as ‘brotherly aid’ | detail

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In Putin’s new dodgy ‘referendum’ Crimeans asked to reject Ukrainian electricity

The vast majority of Crimeans are willing to forego electricity rather than sign a contract in which Crimea is referred to as part of Ukraine. This, at least, is the result of a ‘survey’ carried out, processed and reported less than 24 hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin decreed that Crimeans opinion should be asked | detail

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Poland’s new right-wing government takes a hatchet to rule of law & democracy

It is hopefully not possible to destroy democracy and rule of law in Poland overnight, but the country’s new President and ruling party certainly seem to be trying very hard. On Tuesday evening the ruling Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party [PiS, ‘Law & Justice’] pushed through a law which effectively paralyzes the Constitutional Tribunal | detail

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Ukraine’s leaders continue to stall on International Criminal Court

Unlike Russia, Ukraine is not denying Ukraine’s obligations under international law. Its leaders, however, would gain credibility if they stopped offering half-measures as though they had something to fear. | detail

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New Zaporizhya paid ‘separatist’ stunt linked with close Putin associate

The reports of plans to declare a so-called ‘Zaporizhya people’s republic’ and demands for ‘special status’ are disturbing both because of the obvious analogy with the Kremlin-backed ‘republics’ in Donbas, and due to the reported link with Viktor Medvedchuk, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin | detail

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Russia’s crimes in Crimea, not ending sanctions, should be on the West’s agenda,

There are certainly other parts of the world where rights are violated on a far greater scale. None, however, in a country which 21 years ago was given binding guarantees of security from Russia, the USA and Great Britain. The West has levers against Russian lawlessness and should use them | detail

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Right-wing Racist Polish MEP sings Russia’s praise in illegal trip to Crimea

Janusz Korwin-Mikke is notorious at home and in the European Parliament for views on migrants as ‘human trash”, overtly racist language and much more, but he is a welcome - and officially invited - guest for Russia and its occupation regime who can always be relied on for unwavering support of the Kremlin and all its policies | detail

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UN reports reduction in hostilities, but continuing grave human rights concerns

The report also reveals that serious human rights abuses against people in the territories controlled by the self-proclaimed “Donetsk people’s republic” and “Luhansk people’s republic” continued, including killings, torture, ill-treatment, illegal detention and forced labour, lack of freedom of movement, assembly and expression. Local residents continue to remain without effective protection of their rights | detail

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’The Day I Killed The Soviet Union’

December 1 is the happiest day of my life. On this day I killed the Soviet Union. I am not a violent person. But on December 1, 1991, I voted in a referendum on the independence of Ukraine, along with more than 90 percent of Ukrainians. | detail

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Repressive measures intensify as Crimean blackout bites

There have been inadequate and mostly repressive reactions from the occupation authorities to the ongoing blackout in Crimea, but also a frustrating failure from the western media to probe the legitimate human rights demands that Mustafa Dzhemiliev and other leaders have put forward | detail

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More evidence that captured Russians were military intelligence officers

The court hearing on Nov 23 in the trial of two Russians captured in May 2015 in eastern Ukraine demonstrated yet again what an uphill battle the men’s defence lawyers will have to convince anybody that their clients, Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov, were not active Russian military intelligence officers [GRU]. | detail

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A German – Russian Donbas ‘Humanitarian’ Con

The ‘social disorientation’ which the Kremlin’s proxies in Donbas claimed they were seeking to prevent by expelling western aid organizations recently is clearly ideological. It is Russia, and German MPs faithfully parroting Kremlin propaganda, that are presented as tackling the mounting humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s hybrid warfare. | detail

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