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The Kremlin’s New Project on ’Ukraine’s political prisoners’

A new project launched in Moscow in support of so-called political prisoners in Ukraine has been endorsed by a number of far-right and / or pro-Russian politicians from EU countries and Israel.. Most are also known for their involvement in ‘observing’ the so-called Crimean referendum and illegal elections organized by the Kremlin-backed militants in Donbas | детальніше

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Communist party ban will be slammed in Strasbourg, along with original decommunization law

Ukraine’s Justice Ministry has used a law likely to be condemned by the European Court of Human Rights as justification for another decision which is certain to be “struck down” by that same court | детальніше

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The High Price of French Collaboration

In Soviet times it was Holodomor, the Terror and Gulag that many western visitors to the USSR chose not to see, this time French politicians particularly betrayed Crimean Tatars and all others suffering persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea | детальніше

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Paid ‘Anti-Semitism’ in Lviv

A fake anti-Semitic demonstration in Lviv on Wednesday was ugly and dangerous, not least because it highlighted the ease with which such stunts can be orchestrated and the inability of the authorities in a democratic country to intervene. The local media fortunately reacted with some inconvenient questions and close attention to money changing hands. | детальніше

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Ukrainians not willing to give up Donbas for peace

According to a recent survey, only 15.3% of Ukrainians would be willing to hand Donbas over to Russia in exchange for peace. The figure willing to give up Crimea was higher – 33%, but still much lower than the 50.6% against. | детальніше

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‘Separatism’ in Lviv – For Money and Russian Propaganda

Western leaders putting pressure on Ukraine to accede to Russian demands and offer the so-called ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’ autonomy would be well-advised to notice all the other parts of Ukraine which, according to Russian media, are also demanding self-rule. | детальніше

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Kremlin-backed militant leader’s sumptuous lifestyle exposed

Alexander Zakharchenko, the Kremlin-backed militant leader of the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ has certainly not suffered like the people of Donbas from the military conflict unleashed in April 2014. Quite the contrary, judging by the luxury and palatial homes that he is enjoying. | детальніше

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Has The War In Ukraine Moved To A Second Front?

If Ukraine’s east is a combustive mix of languages and loyalties, its west can be even trickier. | детальніше

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Survey shows Ukrainians not conned by Russian ‘junta’ propaganda

A nationwide survey has found that Russian propaganda about an ‘illegal armed junta’ in February 2014, ‘widespread discrimination of ethnic Russians’, etc. has not convinced the majority of Ukrainians who are certain that the Ukrainian army is fighting Russia and pro-Russian terrorists | детальніше

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OSCE condemns Russia’s “clear, gross and uncorrected violations”

The resolution “calls on the Russian Federation to stop the supply and flow of heavy weaponry, ammunition, units of the Russian Armed Forces and mercenaries across the Russian border into eastern Ukraine [and] cease providing any military, financial or logistical aid to illegal armed groups in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.” | детальніше

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Decentralization of the government: reform behind closed doors

The Democratic Initiatives Foundation is critical of what it calls the closed and non-transparent nature of the Constitutional Commission’s work in drafting amendments to the Constitution on decentralization | детальніше

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Criticism of Government cleaning (lustration) law swept under the carpet

The Council of Europe’s Venice Commission made some very critical comments and recommendations about Ukraine’s law on ‘cleaning up the government’, though you wouldn’t know it from reading the report on the Justice Ministry website | детальніше

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Politics vs. the law in Ukraine, which holds precedence? Prosecution of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court

Press release of the press conference given by Yevhen Zakharov and Vsevolod Rechytsky on June 22 | детальніше

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Bribe to save your life: a permit system generating corruption

The placard held by one protester against the permit system for leaving territory under Kremlin-backed militant control was bitterly succinct. “A BRIBE FOR YOUR LIFE: 1500 UAH at the checkpoint to leave the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] zone. | детальніше

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Russian NGO in trouble for warning tourists about risks of visiting occupied Crimea

‘Public Control’, a Russian consumer rights society, has aroused anger in Moscow and could face prosecution over its entirely accurate description of Crimea as ‘occupied territory’ and its warnings of the legal ramifications of any trips undertaken without Ukrainian permission. | детальніше

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Donbas betrayed

By no means all people in Donbas support the Kremlin-backed militants and Russia, and there is understandably bitter reaction to plans for a total blockade, and the new ban on public transport crossing between areas under militant control and the rest of Ukraine. | детальніше

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“Stop using us as shields!” Donetsk protests against Kremlin-backed militants

On Monday around 500 Donetsk residents accused the leaders of the self-proclaimed ’Donetsk people’s republic’ of deploying rocket launchers within crowded city districts and of thus provoking return fire from the Ukrainian army | детальніше

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Russian passports handed out in Transnistria as “tension rises”

As the death toll from violations of an increasingly fictitious ceasefire in Donbas mounts, pro-Kremlin media are claiming rising ‘tension’ and fears of Ukrainian aggression in the pro-Russian breakaway Transnistria with people reported to be queuing to obtain Russian passports.. | детальніше

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Another Ukrainian prisoner tortured for Russian TV

A young Ukrainian soldier taken captive by Kremlin-backed militants during the attack on Marinka was almost certainly tortured into giving a version of events suspiciously close to that provided by Russian and militant propaganda, while clashing totally with the report issued by OSCE monitors | детальніше

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Moscow prevents captured Russian POWs from contacting their families

A member of Russia’s own Human Rights Council has visited the two Russian spetsnaz officers captured in Ukraine on May 16. Both deny Russia’s claim that they were no longer in military service and ask for help in contacting their families as all phone numbers that they have are either blocked or don’t answer. | детальніше

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