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Almost no support for militant ‘republics’ in Donbas cities

A recent survey in two Luhansk oblast cities has found virtually no support for independence of the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics’ [‘LNR’, ‘DPR’, respectively], or for joining Russia. A majority view Russia as a party to the military conflict and want the Ukrainian military to remain in their city. | детальніше

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No Collaboration with Russian-occupied Crimea - Boycott Joe Lynn Turner!

A day after Crimean Tatars were prevented from gathering in memory of victims of the Deportation, with some even detained and facing charges, US rock musician Joe Lynn Turner saw fit to give a concert in Sevastopol which he called one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. | детальніше

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Russian protesters demand withdrawal of Russian soldiers from Ukraine

While the Kremlin continues to deny deployment of any Russian soldiers in Ukraine, including two spetsnaz soldiers just captured, the BBC Russian Service reports that a brief protest was held outside the soldiers’ military base in Tolyatii with around 10 Russians demanding that Russia withdraw its forces from Ukraine. | детальніше

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Snubbed over aggression in Ukraine, Putin applauded by UN Secretary General?

After attending the Victory Day parade which virtually all leaders of democratic countries stayed away from, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reportedly praised Vladimir Putin and said that he deserved the pride of his people”. That, at least, is what the Russian President’s website claims, with the Secretary-General’s words given in both Russian and English | детальніше

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Crimean prosecutor warns Ukrainians will be jailed

Natalya Poklonskya, installed as Crimean prosecutor after Russia’s invasion of the peninsula has warned that there is plenty of room in Crimean SIZO or remand prisons for all “Ukrainian nationalists and radicals”. Her words coincide with more repressive measures against Crimean Tatars and at least one Ukrainian activist | детальніше

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Speech on receiving the Lev Kopelev Award ‘For Freedom and Human Rights’

On April 19 in Cologne the 2015 Lev Kopelev Award “For Freedom and Human Rights” was received by Ukraine’s Ruslana Lyzhychko and Yevhen Zakharov, and Russia’s Andrei Makarevich and Edward Uspensky. | детальніше

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Odesa minorities cry foul as new ‘people’s council’ report their persecution

Claims by a newly-formed ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia’ – and the Russian media – of ‘alarming’ arrests and persecution have been rejected by Odesa’s national minorities who challenge the members of this ‘Council’ to identify themselves and explain why they’re seeking a repetition of the scenario in eastern Ukraine. | детальніше

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Ukrainian Art Group Goes Viral With Music Videos Mocking Separatists

A new Ukrainian collective is making waves online with biting musical parodies decrying Russia’s support for separatists in eastern Ukraine. | детальніше

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Bad News for Moscow on the Language Front

A recent Russian news broadcast added an entirely fictitious phrase supposedly spoken by Ukraine’s President in the latest of countless attempts to push the Kremlin line about alleged discrimination of Russian-speakers. Fiction is needed since reality is not on Moscow’s side. A survey, for example, has found only 19% support for Russian becoming a State language. .  | детальніше

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FSB search Sevastopol home, threaten prosecution for mystery ‘extremism’

Another FSB visitation was reported on Friday, after numerous searches in different parts of Crimea the previous day. Galya Denisova reported that FSB officers were carrying out a search of her home and accuse her of having written something ‘extremist’ in August 2014 | детальніше

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Bombs and War turn Odessa away from ‘Russian World’

Sewing camouflage netting for Ukrainian soldiers has become an act of courage in Odessa. One that the bomb blasts targeting volunteer organizations have so far proven powerless to stop. Quite the contrary | детальніше

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Crimea Matters: Boycott Goran Bregović!

In spite of serious human rights violations by the occupation regime in Crimea and international sanctions, Serbian musician Goran Bregović has held a concert in Sevastopol where he praised Russia’s greatness and expressed the hope that the West would be “cured of its paranoia”. His concerts in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere should be cancelled | детальніше

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Fake Odessa ‘mass riots’ staged for Russian TV

With attempts to cause real disturbances in Odessa having encountered stubborn resistance, orchestrated versions are being staged, with their participants paid for shouting about ‘repression’, overturning cars, etc. There is a fine line, however, between stunts and serious provocation with conceivably tragic consequences | детальніше

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Russian Units Honoured for Military Action in Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin has issued decrees awarding three Russian military units guard rank for unspecified “mass heroism and daring, resilience and courage demonstrated in military action in defence of the Fatherland and state interests in conditions of armed conflict, and bearing in mind their services in peacetime.”. | детальніше

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Ukraine makes first arrest of boat illegally entering Crimean port

Ukraine has finally taken a major step towards penalizing vessels which breach Ukrainian law and flout the UN resolution on Crimea by entering Crimean ports, under Russian occupation. | детальніше

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Why Russia fears Donbas ’special status’ linked to fair elections

Ukraine’s demand that special status follow honest elections with international observers caused rage in Moscow. Take away the machine guns at polling booths, elimination of opposition and European neo-Nazi ‘observers’, and the reason for hysteria from the Kremlin and their proxies in Ukraine is clear. | детальніше

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Kyrgyz Mercenary Details Russian Military Role In Ukraine

In August 2014, Manas Mambetov, a senior lieutenant in the Kyrgyz Army reserves, arrived in eastern Ukraine on a moral quest to fight "fascists.". A week ago, he returned home, accompanying the sealed coffins of two fellow Kyrgyz soldiers and disillusioned by his experience | детальніше

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OSCE bows to pressure, cancels Crimean Occupation Exhibition

Both Lithuania and Ukraine have reacted with outrage at the refusal by the OSCE to hold an exhibition on March 19, marking the first year of Russia’s occupation of Crimea. This refusal comes some six months after a Russian propaganda exhibition was held throughout OSCE conferences in Warsaw. | детальніше

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“Liberated Donbas fears return of Kremlin-backed militants more than nationalists”

A recent Russian propaganda channel reduced a 4-minute series of interviews in Sloviansk into 1 minute and then triumphantly reported support for Putin, not Poroshenko, ignoring inconvenient answers calling Putin an arsehole and wanting him dead, for example. Russian media also ignore clear signs that those in liberated cities most fear the return of the militants | детальніше

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«We’ve ceased to be brothers”. How Putin got it wrong

Vladimir Putin may consider Ukrainians and Russians to “to be one nation”, as he believed it appropriate to announce on the anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian Crimea, but he could not be more wrong. It is precisely Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine over the last year that has lost him Ukraine forever | детальніше

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