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Crimea: ‘Extremism’, ‘Separatism’ or ‘Terrorism’ as Weapons against Dissent

Another Crimean has been warned over alleged ‘extremism’ for holding a Ukrainian flag and the first criminal case is underway over supposed calls to ‘separatism’. One year after Russia’s annexation, Soviet ways have returned to Crimea with new labels, but the same repression of dissidents. | детальніше

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One Year After Annexation, Remembering The Crimea That Fought Back

The resistance reached its peak with mass protests on International Women’s Day, March 8, when as many as 15,000 protesters -- mainly women and children -- lined roadways throughout Crimea waving Ukrainian and Tatar flags and holding posters calling for peace | детальніше

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Moscow Replays Rusin ‘Separatist’ Card in Ukraine’s Zakarpattia

As the first anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea approaches, pro-Kremlin media have renewed efforts, first tried in parallel with events in Donbas last April, to invent separatist demands for Rusin autonomy in Western Ukraine | детальніше

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There is War in Europe: Let us not Repeat the Munich Betrayal of 1938

On the anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Hitler’s army and of Ukrainian Crimea by Putin’s, a group of over 100 Czech and Slovak intellectuals have called on world leaders to react properly to Russia’s aggression now (OPEN FOR SIGNING!) | детальніше

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"I want to die in Ukraine". The other victims of annexation

One of the people who came to remember the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in Simferopol on March 9 was Klavdiya Ivanivna. She came to hear the Ukrainian language that she loves, and to ask whether they will soon be freed from this occupation which she so hates | детальніше

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Crimean survey removed after majority vote against annexation

If the survey that appeared on the pro-Russian Krymskaya Pravda website was real, then were a referendum to now be held on the status of Crimea, 61% of the respondents would vote for greater autonomy within Ukraine, and only 19% would vote to join Russia. It is a big ‘if’, with Krymskaya Pravda now claiming that the survey was the “latest provocation by enemies of Crimea”. | детальніше

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EU and Daimler Help Russian Military Vehicle Supplier Bypass Sanctions

While Europe continues showering Ukraine with expressions of ’deep concern’, it has just provided a hefty boost to a major Russian producer of the military vehicles being used in Russia’s undeclared war effort in eastern Ukraine | детальніше

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Bitter Crimean Anniversary – Victims of Russian Annexation

It is exactly one year since Russian forces seized control of government buildings and airports in Crimea and organized the events leading swiftly to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It was a year that saw murder and disappearances, Soviet-style bans and deportation, as well as persecution of all who oppose Russia’s occupation | детальніше

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Remind the World: Crimea is Ukraine!

Join in a twitter campaign reminding the world that Crimea was and remains Crimea, and Russian occupation must end. Remind them also of those banished from their homeland, murdered, arrested, those who have disappeared without trace since Russia’s invasion, and of political prisoners Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko. | детальніше

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Moscow suspected of playing ‘Polish Card’ in Hybrid War against Lithuania

There are increasing signs that a Polish minority in Lithuania could be mobilized as a destabilizing force. Self-proclaimed Vilnius and Lviv ‘people’s republics’, clearly reminiscent of the ‘republics’ in Donbas, may for the moment exist only on Facebook, but their appearance has chilled many observers both in Poland and Lithuania | детальніше

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German MPs enter Ukraine illegally with Aid for Kremlin’s Proxies

Two Left Party deputies from Germany’s Bundestag have illegally crossed the border from Russia into militant-controlled Ukraine, providing the latter with an opportunity for propaganda, and supposedly 6 tonnes of medicines which will likely be used for treating militants only | детальніше

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Russian General in charge of Debaltseve capture?

The main, but not only, question in the text here may two days later have been answered by Nastya Sanko, a Ukrainian journalist who believes that the man identified not only by Ukrainian and Russian media, but even by Ukraine’s Security Service as the deputy head of Russia’s armed forces, Lieutenant General Alexander Lentsov could not be the man on the video of Kremlin-backed militants outside Debaltseve | детальніше

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Remember Ilovaisk and don’t trust Putin’s call for safe passage!

Speaking appropriately enough from Budapest, where 22 years ago Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in return for empty promises, Vladimir Putin called on “pro-Russian separatists to allow Ukrainian troops safe passage”. The last time he pulled that propaganda stunt, several hundred soldiers were ambushed and killed. | детальніше

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Bulgaria’s Far-Right Attaka Party ‘recognizes’ Crimea as Russia

The delegation from the ‘Ataka’ Party which just visited Crimea included Magdalena Tasheva, one of the members of Europe’s far-right, neo-Nazi and Stalinist parties whom Russian invited to ‘observe’ both the so-called ‘referendum’ in Crimea and the Nov 2 ‘elections’ in eastern Ukraine | детальніше

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’Ashamed’ Russian Students Ask Ukraine To ’Forgive Us’

In a new video, young people identifying themselves as university students in Moscow and St. Petersburg apologize for their country’s actions | детальніше

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Arrest sanctioned of Tymoshenko judge Kireyev; Real lustration stalled

The news last week was much less than the headlines implied. So too was progress on dealing with judges who are widely seen to have compromised themselves and Ukraine’s justice system through politically motivated rulings during EuroMaidan. | детальніше

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Russian TV boasts that Russian army can take all of Europe

Russia’s TV 5 has shown an animated version of how Russian soldiers and equipment can reach Poland within a day, walk into a number of neighbouring countries, and could also go for Germany, it being a good while since “our” soldiers were there. | детальніше

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Letters From Donbas, Part 3: ’Dirt, Tears, and Blood’

From teachers to pensioners to families with children, residents of rebel-held towns are struggling to get on with their lives amid the chaos and uncertainty. RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service continues to publish their testimonies | детальніше

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Activist arrested in Crimea accused of hurting Berkut officer during Kyiv’s EuroMaidan

Alexander Kostenko has been remanded in custody for two months by a Crimean court on charges linked with EuroMaidan protests in Kyiv last February before Russia’s invasion of Crimea. His is the first such arrest, but judging by the Russian-installed ‘prosecutor’s’ website, unlikely to be the last | детальніше

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Pro-Kremlin Youth Group Answers Ukrainian Students’ Antipropaganda Appeal

The Kyiv university students who last week released an appeal their Russian counterparts to question the Kremlin line have received an answer -- from the ranks of pro-Kremlin youth group "Set," or Network, the new, rebooted version of moribund pro-Kremlin group "Nashi." | детальніше

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