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Russia’s Duma suggests condemning West German “annexation” of GDR

Russia’s State Duma speaker Sergey Naryshkin, who once accused Ukraine of ’annexing’ the Crimea has now instructed the parliamentary committee on international relations to examine the possibility of adopting a statement condemning “the annexation of the German Democratic Republic by the Federal Republic of Germany in 1989”. | детальніше

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Ukrainian Students Call On Russian Counterparts To End ’Information War’

Ukrainian students have released an emotional video calling on their Russian counterparts not to believe what Russia’s state-controlled media are saying about their country. | детальніше

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Ukraine’s leaders broaden mobilization while refusing to declare state of war

Failure to officially acknowledge what Ukrainians have been living with since the Spring of 2014 can only arouse distrust and questions about who benefits by not declaring a state of war in which Russia, not isolated ‘terrorists’, is the main aggressor. | детальніше

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MEPs say sanctions should stay and want measures against Russian information war

At their plenary session on Jan 15, the European Parliament adopted a resolution which states that EU sanctions should stay until Russia changes its aggressive policy in Ukraine, and also called on the EU to help Ukraine carry out reforms, cope with the current humanitarian emergency and enchance defence capability | детальніше

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Legislating rights abuse in the Crimea

Dozens of laws and normative acts that restrict the rights of people in the Crimea, and five super-dangerous laws. These were the findings made public by the Crimean Field Mission on Human Rights following close monitoring of the first nine months since Russia annexed the Crimea in March 2014. | детальніше

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Lethal ‘Russian Humanitarian Convoy’

Reports of renewed fighting in Donbas “virtually on all frontlines” and large amounts of new military equipment come soon after the latest video suggesting highly sinister – or just lethal – contents inside the latest so-called ‘humanitarian convoy’ from Russia. | детальніше

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St. Petersburg Neo-Nazi Sadist in Donbas – ‘Russia’s Pride and Glory’

From torturing puppies and calling on fellow neo-Nazis to kill down-and-outs and animals in St. Petersburg, Alexei Milchakov turned to killing Ukrainians in Donbas. Graphic pictures of his time fighting together with Kremlin-backed militants can be found on his VKontakte page – “Alexei Milchakov - Russia’s Pride and Glory” | детальніше

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Ukrainian attitude to Russia’s leadership takes a steep dive

In the latest Gallup poll about Ukraine, Ukrainians approval of the Russian leadership has plunged from 43% in 2013 to a mere 5% in 2014. In the South and East of the country where the figure in 2013 was higher (57%), the percentage has fallen to 12%. | детальніше

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Latest promise to abolish deputy immunity in 2015

Assurances that this or that political party will abolish deputy immunity have been made since at least 2006. This time, it is leader of the Petro Poroshenko Faction Yury Lutsenko who has promised that the Verkhovna Rada will cancel deputy immunity through staggered amendments to the Constitution in 2015. | детальніше

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Report on the human rights mission to the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group [KHPG], together with the German NGO ‘European Exchange’ and representatives of NGOs from the Russian Federation and Germany with the support of the German Foreign Ministry, carried out an international mission to monitor human rights in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts on territory which is back under Ukrainian control. | детальніше

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Russian secret trial to convict opponents of Crimean annexation

More details have emerged of the secrecy behind the closed trial of Gennady Afanasyev whose testimony is the only ‘evidence’ in the ‘Crimean terrorist plot’ case and may be used to get renowned Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov and left-wing activist Oleksandr Kolchenko 20 year sentences | детальніше

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Kremlin-backed militants stage propaganda event in face of humanitarian disaster

As the UN and numerous NGOs warn that Donbas is facing a major humanitarian crisis, with the most vulnerable in danger of starvation, militants from the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ have resorted to coercion and bribery to pull off propaganda stunts in the centre of Donetsk. | детальніше

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60 years on Russia plans to ‘nullify’ transfer of Crimea to Ukraine

Russia’s upper house of parliament is preparing a bill which will declare the act by which the Crimea formally became part of the Ukrainian SSR of no legal force or consequenceos. | детальніше

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Luhansk CVU: Donbas territory effectively annexed by Russia

Oleksiy Svyetikov, head of the Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] paints a grim picture of the situation in the Luhansk oblast and is blunt in rejecting the Human Rights Watch definition of events as ’internal conflict’ | детальніше

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Crimean political prisoner forced to defend Ukrainian citizenship in court

The lawyer of Oleksandr Kolchenko, Crimean left-wing civic activist and opponent of Russian annexation, is trying to uphold her client’s right to retain his Ukrainian citizenship via the courts. Rights activists point out that no Crimean is obliged to prove to the court that s/he is remains a Ukrainian national. | детальніше

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Poroshenko grants Belarusian Neo-Nazi Ukrainian citizenship

When people are risking, often sacrificing, their lives for their country, quibbles about questionable neo-Nazi views may be out of place. Not, however, when high-ranking official posts and Ukrainian passports are being dished out | детальніше

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Why are Germans asked if they support annexation?

In a recent ‘opinion poll’ 39% of Germans proved ready to recognize Russia’s demonstration of contempt for international law in annexing the Crimea, and ignorant or indifferent to the flagrant violations of human rights committed since Russia’s invasion. | детальніше

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One in Five Ukrainians took part in EuroMaidan

If overall throughout the country 37.9% of respondents viewed Euromaidan as a conscious struggle by citizens who had united to defend their rights, this was as high as 70% in the West of Ukraine, and only 3.2% in Donbas | детальніше

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Lustration law to face Constitutional Court scrutiny

Supporters of the recent lustration law have slammed the decision by Ukraine’s Supreme Court to seek judgment on the law’s constitutionality. Their suspicions as to the motives of those courts which oppose the law may be shared, however so too are concerns about the law in question | детальніше

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Putin’s Media Cocoon, Spun with German Help

Vladimir Putin’s early departure from G20 probably made sense. At home both his press service and the media have ensured that most Russians learn nothing of his humiliation in Brisbane. They hear plenty, however, of a German TV interview that provided exactly the gentle uncritical questions Putin has come to expect. | детальніше

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